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Fabulous indeed! I used my trusty food processor to make this, and was having One of Those Days in the kitchen. First, I realized while already blending things that I'd, in fact, run out of sun-dried tomato paste! In order to make up for it (even if just a bit), I used a few more sun-dried tomatoes and the oil from the jar instead of regular olive oil. Then, after I'd seasoned the paste with Tabasco and tasted it (and gone "oooh, yummmm!"), my eyes wandered over to the counter and saw the chopped tomatoes I'd forgotten to throw in!! So, I blended them in last and added a touch more Tabasco. Served with pasta for lunch and will try this on brushcetta tonight too. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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stormylee July 19, 2006
Chilli Tomato Pesto