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Awesome! Cooked up 3 blue swimmer crabs (Australia), and my wife, whose never really liked crabs was raving about them. Used chicken stock and thai palm sugar and didn't think it needed any extra chili sauce. This was surprisingly easy to make. I used a proper carbon steel wok and they turned out great. The meat was so tender they were actually pretty easy to eat too! Of course, they were still quite messy - but that's half the fun.

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james72 October 29, 2006

We caught 15 crabs yesterday, so I saved the 4 biggest for this. Not sure what they weighed but I just made them and the whole sauce recipe for the two of us. This was so deliciously messy and both Russ and I loved it. I added a couple of cloves of garlic in with the chilli and ginger and reduced the oil to two tablespoons but otherwise stuck to the recipe. I used 3 chillies and 2 teaspoons of a chilli sauce I made the other day. The crabs are really running right now, so I'm sure we'll eat this again in the next few weeks!

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JustJanS July 12, 2011

We made this while we were away in Cairns. I used to large mud crabs (crab in photo I posted) and apologised to them before and after I put them into the freezer. I put them into the freezer for 30 minutes just to make sure. The sauce was so easy to put together and the fresh crabs melted into our mouths. Hubby is not a very finger foods person but he got into it and said he likes the sauce. Little Miss (DD) liked the crab. I enjoyed everything about this recipe. Thanks I'mPat for another great recipe.

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Chef floWer January 29, 2010

really nice sauce. I'm a bit of a duffer in the kitchen but even I managed this one! I didn't actually use crab though which you might say is a fairly fundamental part of the recipe! We had it with clams on spaghetti and spinach. There was just enough sauce to get a decent steam on and enourage those little fellas to open up and the flavour was fab - thanks!

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stuart.wills April 10, 2008
Chilli Crab