Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 8 mins

I might have cause to feel a bit embarrassed concerning my love of Ramen and you're certainly right about the Ramen c--p, you're roommate used to whip on the illegal hot plate, the two of you hide in your room. It's not the ingredients which are at fault, it's the cook. Like most of you, I went through the "Ramen is better than starving" phase in my youth but, just as the rest of my life matured, my cooking tastes and abilities also matured. Ramen is great! What is Ramen? It's quick cooking, nutritious, and filling pasta. One of the best things about Ramen is that it lends itself to any sauce or topping that might come to mind. The bad part of Ramen is the "flavor pack". It's 92% to 96% sodium. LTFP (Lose The Flavor Pack)

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  1. Cook the Ramen for three minutes. Drain.
  2. Dry toast Sesame Seeds until light brown.
  3. Mix all sauce ingredients til smooth.
  4. Top the noodles with the sauce, garnish with chopped chives or scallions.
  5. Traditionally served chilled but it's great hot or even at room temperature.


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Best sesame noodles I have made yet. I did cook mine with the chicken seasoning packet (horrors!), and I also found the dressing terribly hard to blend. I did add the additional oil as well (I chose sesame oil). It was very thick and hard to blend even with the noodles warm and were starchy than I would prefer, but the taste was right on. I added a little shredded carrot and seedless cuke and garnish with chopped scallions and cilantro.

Michelle S. October 30, 2009

This was very tasty. I had trouble getting the peanut butter to blend in with the other liquids, but once I added the hot noodles, it was fine. Perhaps warming the sauce ingredients in a pan or microwave would help the blending? I apparently loaned my sesame seeds out to someone, so I had to use dark sesame oil, and so I did not add additional oil. I used fresh ginger and topped with sliced scallion. Unfortunately, I bought the cheapest ramen, and the noodles got mushy and sticky, but the flavor was still delicious. Next time I might add some heat in the form of sliced fresh or crumbled dried chiles.

QG November 02, 2007

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