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Oh my, this was excellent; I won't buy jarred salsa ever again. Yes, this differs slightly from another clone recipe on the site, but the devil is really in the details, and I much prefer this one. Thanks for posting Todd's original.

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Sweet Baboo November 22, 2010

I've tried this a few times, and I think there is something missing I'm wondering if this recipe was copied exactly from the book. I've made it a few times, and although it's good, I'm not sure if it's exactly Chili's. Now I'm not comparing side by side, but I might have to do that to make a true comparison. It's been a couple months since I was last at Chili's. I've mainly been going to On the Border. So maybe eating so much On the Border Salsa lately is throwing off what I remember of Chili's. But following the directions exactly, the the salsa seems to to have more heat and less flavor compared to Chili's, though Chili's salsa is spicy. I will have to make this the same day I get some from Chili's and maybe re-review

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Sonic98 December 15, 2010
Chili's Restaurant Salsa Copycat (Todd Wilbur Top Secret Recipe