Chili's Restaurant Salsa Copycat (Todd Wilbur Top Secret Recipe

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Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

I love clone recipes. Making it myself and controlling the ingredients yet having familar taste is so much fun. This is for a red salsa recipe that is a copy cat of the Chili's Restaurant Chain found here in the west and around the country. It is super easy to make and fun to eat. You make it fresh at home and save money while having it whenever you want. Perfect for football parties, games, events, holidays etc This is the real Todd Wilbur Top Secret Recipe from his book "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2" that I own. Other recipes can be found but they lack one ingredient or another. Todd says "If you want to double it, use a 28 oz can diced tomatoes and double the other ingredients. If you need more heat tweek the amount of jalalapenos you use." I hope it adds a kick to your menu. Enjoy! ChefDLH

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  1. Combine diced tomatoes, jalapenos, lime juice and spices in a food processor (or blender). Run food processor on high speed for just a few moments until the tomoatoes have been nearly pureed, yet still chunky. The jalapenos should be chopped into visible minced bits. Be careful not to over-process.
  2. Pour the mixture into a bowl and add the sliced onion. Stir well, cover and store overnight for the flavors to properly develop.
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Oh my, this was excellent; I won't buy jarred salsa ever again. Yes, this differs slightly from another clone recipe on the site, but the devil is really in the details, and I much prefer this one. Thanks for posting Todd's original.

Sweet Baboo November 22, 2010

I've tried this a few times, and I think there is something missing I'm wondering if this recipe was copied exactly from the book. I've made it a few times, and although it's good, I'm not sure if it's exactly Chili's. Now I'm not comparing side by side, but I might have to do that to make a true comparison. It's been a couple months since I was last at Chili's. I've mainly been going to On the Border. So maybe eating so much On the Border Salsa lately is throwing off what I remember of Chili's. But following the directions exactly, the the salsa seems to to have more heat and less flavor compared to Chili's, though Chili's salsa is spicy. I will have to make this the same day I get some from Chili's and maybe re-review

Sonic98 December 15, 2010