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Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

substitute for chili sauce in recipes!


  1. mix together.
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This saved my life! I was nearly done with putting my meatloaf together and discovered that I had no chili sauce -- and the local store had just closed. The flavor of this was perfect! It is a little thin, but I'm going to tinker with reducing the tomato sauce and adding some tomato paste and see if that helps. This was a huge success, and I thank you!

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This was a great substitute for an ingredient I only use in a few recipes a year. I always have to run out at the last minute to pick up a bottle, so from now on I will make my own instead of keeping a bottle of the kind made with high fructose corn syrup. Not only did this taste better but it was less than half the cost to make from scratch. I did tweek the spices to my taste subbing a commercial chili powder blend for the cinnamon and I simmered it just enough to dissolve the sugar and thicken it slightly, but I'm sure if you are short on time you could skip that step . Thanks princess buttercup !

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Very good. I used it in Miss Elizabeth's slow cooker stuffed peppers (Momma's Two-Egg Treasure Cake). I put in a little too much cloves and allspice. Guess my pinches are too generous. I'll know better next time. Consistency was a little thinner than store bought, but didn't affect the outcome of my dish at all. In the future, I'll follow another reviewer's suggestion and simmer it to thicken.