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Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

substitute for chili sauce in recipes!

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  1. mix together.
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This saved my life! I was nearly done with putting my meatloaf together and discovered that I had no chili sauce -- and the local store had just closed. The flavor of this was perfect! It is a little thin, but I'm going to tinker with reducing the tomato sauce and adding some tomato paste and see if that helps. This was a huge success, and I thank you!

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Very good. I used it in Miss Elizabeth's slow cooker stuffed peppers (Momma's Two-Egg Treasure Cake). I put in a little too much cloves and allspice. Guess my pinches are too generous. I'll know better next time. Consistency was a little thinner than store bought, but didn't affect the outcome of my dish at all. In the future, I'll follow another reviewer's suggestion and simmer it to thicken.

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I have to tell you, Girl, this is some kinda sauce. I used it in Sweet and Sour Skillet Chicken, and it's the best I've ever turned out. Bottled chili sauce pales in comparison. It's easy and fast to mix up with stuff I keep on hand anyway. Thanks for sharing, PB...I'll be using your recipe often.