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I made it with 6 Halbaneros, 7 red and 7 green chilies, table spoon chili pepper, the rest ingredients as recommended. I like it spicy. It is 5 days old and I test a shot every day, straight. It is firewater... Not sure if it should be blended with something.. Lol

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Helle56 June 28, 2012

Whoa! This is the best infusion ever - but it's not for the faint of heart. If you love hot spicy Caesers (or Bloody Marys) - this is the vodka blend for you. Nothing else is required - yes it's hot but it comes with a fabulous flavour too. I used 4 of everything requested along with some dried flakes for good measure. Couldn't find fresh horseradish here so put a generous Tbsp of jarred horseradish (not creamed) into a sachet of cheese cloth tied off tied with cord. Was worried it would be too vinegary (not) or cloud the infusion (didn't). Left it in a cool dark spot for a full 7 nights. Made our drink exactly as the chef directed along with a rim of seasoning & celery salts. Topped off with a spicy pickled asparagus spear. My oldest son (the mixologist) added a couple of small drops of liquid smoke to his and was happy as could be.

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Beautiful BC April 28, 2008

A beyond the stratosphere taste sensation. I love really hot, spicy foods, beverages, etc. and this made the "cut" and beyond. The abundance of taste and smoothness really goes beyond a normal taste of vodka infused with"pepper". This has all the freshness and perks of a smooth vodka coupled with the slight punch of hot peppers that were fresh and lively. Absolutely perfect! I made this exactly 7 days ago...with fresh horseradish, fresh habaneros, (2) and the rest chilies were various jalanpenos, finger chilies, and red chili. Mine turned a green tint, but stayed crystal clear and was completely clear and wonderful when added to the bloody mary I made last evening. I will make this again, and enjoy it all the same. Oh yum...and thank you Chef Jason!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm April 27, 2008
Chili Infused Vodka