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Like the creator of this recipe, I also found some cheap frozen catfish nuggets. Was having trouble finding suggestions other than breading and frying. (Not that I have anything against breading and frying:) The only variation I made from the recipe I made was that I let the nuggets marinate in the prescribed sauce for at least an hour. Then (because I had no realistic access to a grill of any kind)---no, that's a lie...because I was cold and lazy and didn't want to BBQ after working all day in 50° weather...I pan fried my marinaded nuggets with a bit of oil over high heat until they flaked into perfection. They were served over a green salad with pepper-jack cheese and chipotle dressing. Thank you for basically make a $0.99/lb. fish into something I'd love to make again and again!

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Michele555 November 12, 2015

3KillerBs the catfish skewers were really goooooood! The spice from the hot sauce and the tart from the lemon were an interesting flavor. I did add some minced garlic and also let the nuggets marinade for 10 minutes in some of the sauce. This defintely was a nice change from frying them. We will most defintely have these again!

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Luvs 2 Cook June 01, 2007

If you like fishkabobs ;-) you are going to love these! I made a major change to this recipe, but I don't think it's enough to affect the review. I didn't use catfish. Yes, I know, it's a catfish recipe. How can anyone change the main ingredient of a recipe and still have the nerve to review it? Well.... I don't eat catfish. I keep kosher and catfish is not a kosher fish. With 3KillerBs permission I substituted Nile perch, and aside from that didn't change another ingredient. Now, I don't know what catfish tastes like, but with the perch this is yummy stuff! I actually made up the sauce in a large bowl and let the fish nuggets marinate in them for about ten minutes before threading them on to skewers. I don't have a grilling basket, and also grilled these in the oven. I lined the oven tray with parchment paper and didn't have a problem at all, turning the kabobs half way through. I served these with grilled vegetables, which also could probably benefit from the sauce. This is definitely going into our dinner rotation, thanks!

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Mirj February 14, 2007
Chili-Grilled Catfish Skewers