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I LOVED this recipe. First of all, I halved it, because this makes way too much for just the two of us. The portions are pretty decent sized - given that there are only 404 calories in each serving, I was expecting a tablespoon or two. :) I made a few small modifications. When I browned the beef, I salted and peppered it, and I also put onion flakes in with it. Just a personal preference - I love to brown ground beef with the onions in there. Also, I added some crushed red pepper flakes to the pot (not a WHOLE lot, but we like hot and spicy, so I threw some in) and I added some garlic powder. This recipe really was delicious, and I REALLY enjoyed it. My only complaint - it cooks for TWO HOURS, so I have to sit there with my mouth watering for that long. :) Torture!

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Princess Tomato August 05, 2007
Chili for Robert