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I began using this recipe about 3 years ago. It is absolutely wonderful! Perfect amount of heat, very hearty too. I have made it and substituted ground turkey, turkey breast (cubed) and turkey sausage (trying to be healthy) and it is just as great. It makes enough for a party, with lots left over (and it is even better the next day). Thank you Rita!!!

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domsmom94 February 04, 2011

Wow! This is a delicious and wonderful recipe. I cut the recipe in half and used ground beef, cubed chuck roast and italian turkey sausage for the meat. Followed the rest of the recipe only used two cans of beans. My kids and grandkids stopped by and we had enough for all and everyone enjoyed it. Definately will make again. Thank you.

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mama smurf December 13, 2009

Once again, this recipe is a cook off contest winner!!! A couple of friends and I entered a chili cookoff in Pensacola last weekend and took first place in the blind taste category. We didn't even design any presentation for the bowl of chili for the judges, just a bowl of chili!! Sixteen teams competed, one was the best, what a great recipe.

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arl1017 January 19, 2009

I work nights and one morning was looking for a quick slowcooker recipe to toss together before I hit the sack . This one stuck out. A few thoughts from a used to be slow food restaurant cook, who's rediscovered how fun it can be to cook at home in his 40's: It's not slow. There's a fair amount of dedication to a recipe like this. It's not difficult, I'm just trying to pass on what I experienced - maybe it had something to do with the dark beer. When Rita says "A very large pot" she's not joking. 8Q or better to make the full recipe. This is a monster recipe. It says 6Q, but my 6Q slow cooker was spewing when I finally got up - and in the rush to get it together and sleep, I left out the brown sugar, 1 can of diced tomatoes and a pound of ground chuck. When, yes when, I make this killer chili again, I'll whip it up in an 8Q stock pot on the stove top on a day off so I can keep the beast in line. Or, I'll halve the recipe and do it in the slow cooker. I'll leave out the brown sugar and add the other can of diced tomatoes. I'm a hearty eater and usually wish I'd made more so I could freeze some. Making the full recipe, we were able to bring some to work that day, share it with co-workers and freeze 5 Swedish Tupperware containers to boot. I started cooking this as my girlfriend headed off to work at 8am. She wasn't so sure I'd get anywhere close to edible food by the time she took a break at 4, but the finished reviews I got were immediate and impressive. Wow! Just what I was looking for - a hearty meat and bean chili with the right amount of heat (I'd say medium), leftovers to freeze and an incredible odor of chili in the house. Well done Rita, thanks!

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Don Lardo November 13, 2008

I made this with venison for my husband's birthday. I really like hot chili, but found this to be very sweet, which I wasn't accustomed to. Good recipe, but next time I would probably omit a good portion of the brown sugar and add more garlic cumin and chili powder, as a personal preferance. Thanks for posting!

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Messie Chef January 02, 2008

We really liked this. We broke it down i nto 3 containers and froze them for future meals. We are a family of 5. We did not add the sausage links and we used beef broth instead of turkey broth. Would certainly make for company or potluck. September update - my husband entered this chili in a chili cook-off and won first prize in the hot chili category and won first prize over all the chilis. We are all very proud of him. Thanks for the recipe.

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jagmichigan September 30, 2007

Wow! This must be the best chili I've ever tasted. The dark beer and brown sugar give it a nice, full flavor. I replaced all of the meat ingredients with their vegetarian counterparts and omitted the worcestershire sauce, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly, and it's fantastic (I also made a much smaller batch). It's incredibly easy to make, also. Thank you for sharing this recipe, Rita L!

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aryoungblood January 14, 2007

This was AMAZING chili. We used beef, not venison. We cut the recipe in half and it still made a TON. I combined everything in a big pot, brought it to a boil and put it in my crock pot and cooked it all day. I left out the broth/water because when you cook in a crock pot you are supposed to cut the liquid, since it generates so much on its own. I figured I could add the broth later if it was too thick and it was better to be safe than sorry and end up with watery, thin chili. It was the perfect consistency without the broth in the crock pot, though if I cooked it on the stove I would use it. When it gave a range of seasoning or peppers, I went straight down the middle and it made a nicely spicy, but not painful, chili. The beer, brown sugar and chipotles are an amazing combo....definitely a chili cook off contender! Thanks for the recipe!

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LizP June 25, 2006

This is just terrific! It won my husband first place at our chili cook-off at church! We left out the beer and the chipotle chilis. We cooked it all night on the lowest setting in our crockpot. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

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GwenG March 21, 2006

AMAZING pot o' red! We take our chili (red) very seriously here in TEXAS and this is some dang good serious chili! We don't eat beans in our chili so those were left out but other than that the recipe was followed exactly. Made for a party of 90 people and this came out perfectly. Served with cornbread, chopped onions, fritos and cheese for each person to 'customize' their own bowl. Fantastic recipe Rita! Thanks for sharing!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) March 03, 2006
Chili for a Big Bash