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I love the Cappy Sauce at Capitol Lunch in New Britain. I'm thinking that there is a little sugar in the sauce, perhaps brown sugar, because there is a sweetness to the sauce. Perhaps less chili powder because it doesn't really have a bite to it. Not sure, but that's what I think.

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Mimi in Connecticut June 06, 2010

A "Top Dog" sauce! Full of flavor. Not at all over powering taste wise. Will be making this sauce again!!

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Chef No Tell November 04, 2005

This recipe is not correct at all. I grew-up on these hot dogs and sauce in the 1960's and I know memorex from reality. This is just another "sauce-based" brew that is off-base and un-authentic. Where most folks go haywire is with the ingredients and proportions. ALL must remember "history" where many of these "today" sauces weren't readily available and, if they were, they would ratchet-up the cost to feed and lower the profit margin on a 25 cent dog circa early 1960's. They must also remember that the original Chef was from European desent and not from an hispanic descent. Again, and finally, it's cost to feed with simple and less expensive ingredients and the fact that the Chef was from Europe.

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kaminsti@yahoo.com July 16, 2011
Chili Dog Sauce