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This went over very well. There did seem to me a bit of redundancy in the ingredients, so in Engrossed's spirit of "Feel free to play" I omitted a few. I usually dispense with salt added anyway, and thus in place of fresh garlic plus garlic powder plus garlic salt, I just increased the number of garlic cloves and left out the other two. Likewise, there's a number of sources of "heat" here--cumin, red pepper flakes, cayenne, Tabasco sauce and hot paprika. Ikept the cumin and cayenne, increasing the latter a bit, and substituted sweet for hot paprika to retain the paprika contribution to flavor. The result was delish indeed and I do recommend adding the balsamic vinegar (I actually used a bit more than 1 Tbs); it does NOT impart a vinegary taste but does add, just perceptibly a bit of zing.

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echo echo February 13, 2007

This was a pantry-cleaning event, the product of which is some fabulous-tasting chili! Very rich flavors. Almost dessert-like, that rich. This has now become "our" chili recipe! Made for Please Review My Recipe Tag -- like it needs reviews! Thanks, Engrossed!

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mersaydees February 15, 2008

This is awesome! I'm Australian and really don't know anything about chili's (but learning fast). We really enjoyed the flavour of this chili. Engrossed this is something to be proud of. We don't have mexicorn in Australia and I didn't use the olives but we didn't miss them either. The chili has a lovely 'sweet' flavour about it which made it extremely moreish. With the recipe as written I was able to freeze half of it as another meal for our family. Served on white rice topped with sour cream, cheese, green onions and with corn chips on the side. Thank you Engrossed, this one goes into my favourites cookbook.

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Jewelies March 28, 2007

I really loved this chili recipe. I've tried other chili recipes and this was so much better. I like the idea od sauteeing the spices with the garlic and onions because it helped bring out the other ingredients and it had the right amount of zing to it.

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Studentchef January 21, 2007

This is great chili. My DH isn't big on chili dishes at all, and he must have commented 2-3 times how good it is. It's got a very nice mix of spices and the consistency is thick and great. It makes quite a bit, so I'm going to freeze some for quick lunches. I can see this as a good one for Super Bowl gatherings too. Thanks Engrossed for another winner.

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lazyme January 15, 2007
Chili Concoction Option