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This was such a hearty and great winter warmer! I really enjoyed the beans and lentils in this alongside the meat; the dark chocolate really is the finishing touch. I don't have tapenade so used a good spoonful of sediment from my homemade chilli oil - hot stuff! Loved the turmeric colour of the potatoes; I used more milk than the recipe stated. Served with lite sour cream, hot salsa and salad - yummo! Thanks for posting!

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currybunny June 13, 2006

the lovely pic sold me on making this recipe, and what a super impressive one it is too! i say this even while having substituted the beef for soy crumbles (since we don't eat beef). this is so hearty, flavorful and easily adaptable to being made vegetarian. i was otherwise faithful to the recipe, and loved how the various flavors came together so well in this, especially the addition of the chocolate which was a novel touch. the crowning glory was the crispy topping, though next time i think i will ease off a 1/4tsp turmeric since it was ever so slightly bitter to me, but DH didn't seem to notice much. great one-dish meal that i will be throwing together again.

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eatrealfood October 26, 2005

A wonderful and delicious pie. We loved it from the first mouthful. The description is self-explanatory. I only add some more milk to the mashed potatoes and used parsley instead of cilantro. I guess one could omit the ground beef to have a wonderful vegetarian pie. The chili provided flavors from spicy to sweet in a well-balanced form. The chocolate brought in a delicate note and colour. The mashed potato topping was an excellent completion. It came out with a crisp touch and was soft inside. Tumeric gave it a wonderful colour and taste. The recipe will be kept in my cookbook for regular use. It is far beyond 5 stars and without any doubt you will please everyone with this extraordinary chili pie.

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Thorsten July 15, 2005
Chili Con Carne Pie