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I can't believe a cook or chef had enough gumpshun (gumpshun? I'm dating myself) to finally tell the people who use their recipes, and, almost everytime, change the recipe, to keep their comments to themselves.
I've had three occasions, that I remember, that the website erased my comments complaining about the people who do this. They change ingredients or time, etc, and rate the recipe.
Everytime I use someones recipe, I follow it to the letter. If I don't like it, I say so; if I do like it, I say so. The next time I cook the meal, I might change things I don't like. The people who do this, want to take credit for a good recipe, by changing an amount, etc.
This recipe for Chili Colorado, is right on the nose. Just like you might find in Mexico, in a restruant that doesn't serve some kinda "mystery meat". I've spent over 30 years in Mexico, eating from the best restaurants, to sitting down in dirt-floored houses, in which I have had some of the best meals in.
Sorry to get carried away, with my rambling; I'll shut up.

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jimpeterson October 13, 2011

This is getting added to our favorites list. Like ZONA FOODIES, we live in Tucson and have a different idea of Mexican food than other areas of the US. Chili Colorado is one of my favorites and I was quite pleased with this recipe. I halved the recipe for two of us to try and my husband devoured it. I will probably even make a large batch and freeze half for another day when a quick meal is necessary. I took a star only because we like a little more heat than this--though this is probably fine for most--so next time I will add red pepper flakes or a diced jalepeno. Also, my sauce didn't come out as smooth as I expected but it didn't affect the taste. Maybe my flour dredge was too heavy. Dunno, but will keep making it and it can only get better with practice. Thanks for the recipe!

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MickeyKay November 18, 2010

tried it ,real good just like my grams made it for us as children,thanks p.s got to use "hatches red chiles" for the best flavor.I make an annual trip to hatches new mexico to pick up red chili powder hot and mild and mix the two.for u people not near u can find them on the web and have them ship to you ,kinda pricey but worth it.also if u go be sure to pick up the fresh green chili to take home.I do and freeze it so I don't have to use can chili.when u try it this way u will understand what I'm saying !!

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ekalvarez March 11, 2010

I have made this recipe exactly as written (except with elk meat instead of beef but whatever) It is amazing. I like using it in burritos, personally. You can throw the meat and everything into a crock pot if you like-- once you've browned the meat. Also, one time I made this I did not have tomato paste but I did have tomato sauce. Instead I used an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce and only added 8 oz (1 cup) water instead of the 2 cups of water. It came out exactly like the original recipe so if you are in a pinch and do not have tomato paste, you can easily substitute as I did and it made no difference.

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ellaidaho August 05, 2014

This recipe is the real deal! Since we live in Tucson, we enjoy some of the finest Sonoran style restaurants on both sides of the border and they always use BEEF along with dry spices in Chili Colorado!! This recipe ranks among our favorites and is served in our home with fresh madeSonoran thin style flour tortillas. Maybe substitute BEEF stock for water but that's it for us. All who eat in our home thank you

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ZONA FOODIES March 30, 2009

Well I just wanted to explain that in Mexico pork is used in most dishes because of the cost, so most dishes from that region call for pork. However when these recipes are translated into local regions the word meat means beef.... I always fresh red chili pods to get the traditional flavor and cook it down with white onion and freah garlic along with cumin and a pinch of salt after it's cook blend it and strain out the seeds add that and a cup of chicken stalk will bring a flavor you'll remember for years to come!!

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Conni #1200785 March 12, 2009

Very good. Lots of flavor, but not too spicy for kids. I actually used beef stew meat. Cooked for the full two hours. I will make again.

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hudson6803 June 14, 2015

AWESOME! The only alteration I made was to use beef broth instead of water. Sometimes, I just make a sauce with the dry ingredients, tomato paste oil and beef broth. I cook it...thin it with beef broth to a desired consistency and cook it for a little while on the stove. This is so delicious! Going to make it tonight for dinner!

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theosis June 08, 2015

This is one of the best dishes I have ever eaten. I love Mexican food and have been eating it all my life, but I never had this until a cousin in Arkansas told me about it.

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mahasina May 07, 2015

Well done! This tastes just like the delicious Chili Colorado we enjoyed at Sanchez in Tucson. Miss that place. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

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Raquel P. April 30, 2015
Chili Colorado