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I've cooked this before, except my version of the recipe uses pasta and cooks on the stove. HOwever, i just need to give it a 5* because it's a fun recipe to read (^_^) and I will definetly send it to my neice who's in college and time-craved for a good meal. You go "thatbobbiegirl"! =)

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Izzy Knight April 10, 2002

First I must say that I've had this recipe printed off since Sept.06',and I wish I had made it then.It's really a very good recipe.I was debating whether to use two or three packages of noodles and I'm so glad I used all three,now we had plenty to feed the human garbage disposal( my son :)).For the chili I used leftovers of Easy Chili that I had in my freezer. And still had pleny of leftovers for 3 extra servings.I asked my family if this recipe was a repeat and they said sure.So, this will be made again.Thank you for posting this recipe."Keep Smiling:)"

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Chef shapeweaver � February 09, 2007

Am I allowed to give you 5 stars for the witty commentary? I am not sure I can force myself to buy ramen noodles (ate too many of them in my poor college student days!)

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ThatDebbieGirl January 01, 2003

Very nice-midly spicy, I did add pre-browned beef that I had in the freezer, since if my DH and DS's can't see the meat they won't eat it. I did forget to add the cheese though! Thank You ThatBobbie Girl!

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lets.eat September 06, 2005

I wish I could rate this on the description alone, it would get 5 stars. Out of the 7 people who tried to eat this not one of them liked it, I made it exactly as described and it was incredibly blah, no flavor, so I added hamburger as on review suggested. It gave it some texture at least but still not much flavor. Sadly our dog who always begs for table scraps wouldn't even eat it so it ended up in the garbage.

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Treenickel September 07, 2007
Chili & Cheese Ramen Wonder