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This is my mom's recipe. When I was a teenager, my dad learned to make it too, so we had it often. One year I gave him a Pendery's chili powder sampler. He said he thought "huh? chile powder is chile powder", but after trying the samples he changed his tune! It takes 2 days to make this, but it's worth it. This is a basic chile con carne with no beans and no tomato.

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  1. Heat meat at low temperature until gray. Add 1 can of beer and cover with water. Cook for a long time.
  2. Cool in refrigerator overnight and then remove most of the fat on top.
  3. Add remaining ingredients except flour and 2nd beer, stir, and cook in slow cooker all day.
  4. Remove bay leaves. In a separate bowl mix flour and beer so that it isn't lumpy and add to meat stirring constantly until its all added. Let thicken.

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