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Buttermilk Biscuits? really? As someone who's wife is from Chile; and myself been their several times, that surely is not how you make Chilean empanadas. Traditional chilean empanadas contain; simply, 1lb ground beef, cumin, paprika, 2 cups diced onions (cook with garlic till soft an golden), 3 cloves garlic, raisins (which are optional), one or two black olives (whole), and half of a hard boiled egg. Do yourself a favor and take the hour to make the dough..mix 3 cups flour, 1 teaspoon salt / baking powder, add 1/3 cup melted crisco, 3/4 cup warm milk, and 1/4 cup warm water. mix well and knead till dough is soft but not sticky...let it rest for 30 min....roll away. i will add my own recipe page

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dluxx December 26, 2012

A few years back a sweet older Chilean man from my old job would bring in empanadas that his wife made to make some extra money. They were simply delicious! Since then I've been searching for an empanada recipe that was like his. I've found it in this one. To make it more like his, I added some chopped raisins. I adjusted some of the seasoning and added some Adobo all purpose seasoning (Goya makes it). Next time I will add some chopped hard boiled eggs to bring it closer to the empanadas that I miss so much. Instead of using the biscuits, I used empanada disks made by Goya (discos grandes para empanadas) to make it more authentic (they are found in most supermarkets, especially those located where a Spanish community lives). I too brought these to my current work place(for free though) and my co-workers loved them as well. Thank you Charmie777 for bringing a bit of nostalgia into my life.

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ForeverMama August 05, 2011

Good meat for empanadas I think next time we will cut down on the allspice for our preference

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Silvano December 28, 2008

Made exactly as written. Good, tasty, a little different, a hit. Needed to cook for longer than indicated in recipe.

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Kasha October 25, 2016

While I do not know if I have had empanadas, so I don't know how these compare to other empanada recipes, I found this meal delicious! It does take some time to make the meal, but I doubled it, used 1/2 that night, then froze 1/2 of the stuffing for another meal, which we had tonight. Tonight was easy: just defrost the stuffing and place into the flattened biscuit. Very yummy. Will make again and again!

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JensKitchen40 October 19, 2010

Awesome! I am so glad I made these!! They do take a little bit of time, but it isn't so bad (unless you have a demanding toddler at your feet). Totally worth it, however. I had 1.5 lbs of ground beef and doubled everything except the vinegar and allspice and the spices were perfect! I did add 1/3 cup of water during the thickening stage which worked great. The grocery had packages of 8 jumbo buttermilk biscuits on sale, so I bought two of those and am glad I did - the jumbo biscuits give you enough dough to make nice pasty-size empanadas. I ended up making 8 empanadas and refrigerating the rest. The adjustments didn't make any extra filling and I think it's because I put 3-4 Tbs of filling in each empanada. This is such a great recipe, thank you so much for posting!!!

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lolablitz March 23, 2010

Awesome! Used chicken and added peas and sauteed onion. We also used empanada rounds from target, instead of biscuits. Just yummy!

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mikey & ev February 16, 2009

These were terrific. I omited the green pepper and added cranberries instead of the rasins and they turned out great. The spices were perfect. Definietly a recipe I wil use again and again. Thanks for sharing. Sandy

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SaderBee December 20, 2008

Great recipe. I love the spices. There are so many Empanada styles I dont know which I love the most. Love them all. Thank you sandy

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cooks-alot August 17, 2008

I wasn't sure if these were "too much trouble" or that my little kids were being "too much trouble" while I was trying to make them! But then I tried one. These are really great and worth the little bit of effort. I made half the batch with ground turkey and half with no meat. I had to add a little water along with the spice mixture because the (veggie) pan was dry and the spices were burning my eyes! lol. I left out the cilantro. Delicious recipe! I served it with Orange and Peanut Salad and they went together nicely. Reviewed for ZWT4.

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mliss29 July 11, 2008
Chilean Empanadas