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Delicious! I used fresh corn and it was fantastic. I took the left overs turned them into patties, coated the outside with panko breadcrumbs and fried them for a side dish the next night.

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Teddy's Mommy October 24, 2010

This is a great way to do butternut squash. I prefer things with a little more spice than what the recipe called for, so instead of adding seasonings to the veggies, I added directly to the casserole mixture. I also tripled the amount of spices, and doubled the amount of garlic. Came out perfect for me. I served with lime wedges. End result was more "chilean" than "thanksgiving," which is my preference. This one is a keeper. I highly suggest at least trying a bite with some fresh lime juice on it!

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Russell G March 21, 2010

I love butternut squash. I have a dynamite recipe for soup. BUT, I'm always on the lookout for something fantastic to bring new life to butternut. And this is it. I found that by varying the amount of spice and cheese you subtly alter the flavor. But t's always interesting. One of the best things is that you don't entirely lose the sweetness, but you then start to find the cumin, then the chili, then the garlic, then the cheese. Each comes through cleanly, and then they all sing together. A winner for my recipe box!

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Anton Ego December 19, 2010

We really enjoyed this but I made one big change. Since it's the middle of summer I wanted to keep this on the lighter side so I ommitted the cheese. No matter. It was still delicious!! I served it alonside Southwestern Grilled Chicken With Lime Butter and it was a wonderful compliment. DH said to keep the recipe and we are looking forward to trying it in the cooler months with the cheese for a comforting dish. Thanks for sharing!

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SloppyJoe August 08, 2010

I liked this recipe so much, I became a member just to review it. This is the only way I can abide butternut squash. I decided to take a chance and it worked. This recipe is really amazing. It will now be my go to dish on Thanksgiving, and really any other time I want something delicious. The peppers, the corn and the cheese help put this dish over the top. I did add a bit extra of the cumin and chili powder.

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mobygrape November 23, 2009

Like a lot of other people I doubled the chili powder, cumin and garlic. It was soooo good! I thought it tasted just like chili and cornbread...

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Historychef123 December 23, 2010

I just tried this this week. I made it with a grilled lemon chicken breasts and added this as a side dish. If I had kids who enjoy tacos and the like (I have cooked for children ages zero to 16 in the same family), this is one way they would enjoy an orange vegetable. It has just a good, balanced taste and texture. Thank you Meredith for adding this recipe.

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Chefftress Lacey March 09, 2010

OMG, can I spell amazing! This is my 1st time making butternut squash and I was pleased how well it turned out. Made it for an ethnic dinner & everybody loved it. I pre-baked my squash using convection bake but it may have dried out the cut side too much. I ended up peeling all the exposed skin rather than scooping but it worked. Absolutely loved the flavours of the spices. I find it easier to measure my cheese in ounces, I used 12 ounces (for 8 servings) which seems like alot but I think it was the right amount for this recipe. Thanks for sharing Meredith.

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Mustang Sally 54269 March 15, 2009

I have made this a number of times and just love it. While it takes time to cook the squash, I usually do it ahead of time. This recipe lends itself to variations - I add mushrooms or other left over vegetables, sometime I add red pepper for more zest. I usually add less cheese (preference), but it doesn't seem to matter. It always goes over well, whether I am having it for lunches or serving it as part of a vegetarian dinner.

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Albany Bridie February 02, 2009

Incredible!! What a perfect, perfect way to use up my dozens of butternut squash that I have stored away. My children (1, 3, & 6 year old) are begging for MORE! They just love it! I am so excited that I found this recipe. I highly recommend it! Very simple to make. No need to change a thing. Just as suggested, I baked my squash the night before so the preparation would take less time when I went to make it the next day. Thanks so much Meredith K!!!

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gdlehman December 03, 2007
Chilean Butternut Squash Casserole