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I made a double batch of this ahead of time on the stove for a party and froze it. I only deviated from the recipe by chopping the tomatillos and using fewer potatoes. I served it over plain white rice with cheese, onions, avocados and cilantro on the side. I thought it was just delicious. The leftovers went over scrambled eggs in the morning. I'm bringing this to a family sleepover next week. Pork is the best, but chicken is great too.

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ccamargo June 12, 2014

Very easy but tasty. The only changes I made were that I used red enchilada sauce (couldn't find green) and I used verde taco sauce instead of canned tomatillos. I also added some chopped jalapeƱo peppers to give it a nice kick. Make sure to trim the pork well and you'll get a nice lean meal. Will definitely be making this one again.

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Bowis January 10, 2011

Yummy! We really enjoyed this delicious chile verde. I used a 2-lb. boneless pork loin roast cut into cubes and only 4 potatoes. Before serving, I did have to adjust the seasonings for our tastes. I added quite a bit more cumin and chili powder, and I also added some garlic salt and a little sugar to cut the tartness of the tomatillos. Also, I added a slurry using some masa harina and water to thicken the stew. I served this with steamed corn tortilla strips added to the stew and topped it with cilantro, sour cream, and some 4-cheese Mexican cheese blend. Delicious! The only issue I had with this recipe was that my potatoes weren't done after cooking for 1 hour on "high" and 6 hours on "low". I had to cook an additional 2 hours on "high" to get them cooked. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe...it is definitely a keeper! **Made for the "For Your Consideration" tag game.

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Bayhill January 10, 2015

This is a great week-night meal that I prepared tonight along with "Simple Homemade Refried Beans" and "Queso Blanco Dip". I used 4 large boneless chicken breasts and only 4 potatoes. It had a very mild flavor, and next time I prepare it I think I will do things a bit differently. When I take the chicken out to shred it, I will separate it from the remaining vegetables and sauce. Then, when preparing tortillas I will put a layer of chicken, a layer of vegetables (with slotted spoon), cheese, sour cream and hot salsa. Overall, it was pretty tasty!

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Cook4_6 May 29, 2008

This was so easy to make and makes the house smell great. We used the Hatch "hot" green enchilada sauce but it turned out very mild after slow-cooking- this is a dish that can be loved by everyone--extremely flavorful without being spicy, so adults with chili-pepper-phobia and even kids will enjoy! This stands out from other chile verde recipes on this site because of the use of the tasty tomatillos; I used fresh tomatillos since canned don't seem to be available anywhere in Orlando. The consistency is like a soup/stew and this would be great over rice, or liquid from the cans could be reduced or omitted if using primarily as tortilla filling. Thanks for sharing in the Please Review my Recipe Game! Loved it!

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FLKeysJen May 15, 2008

I'm giving this four stars because I think most would love it. I, however, am on the fence between "like it" and "love it." I was expecting it to be more flavorful, even after doubling the chili powder and cumin and using 5 cloves of garlic. I shared it with a coworker today for lunch and we used it as a filling to make burritos with added sour cream and salsa. After discussing what could have been changed, we agreed the recipe could handle having the spices doubled along with the garlic and replace the liquid from the tomatillos with a cup of chicken stock. In our opinion, that would give it the flavor we were looking for. Please don't get me wrong, Maito. This is a great recipe that I will certainly try again. Thanks for sharing! **Made for PRMR**

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rickoholic83 May 12, 2008
Chile Verde (Chicken or Pork)