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WOW! When you need a Mexican fix, this is the recipe to try. These are so easy to make and really hit the spot! I love the idea of being able to prepare them ahead of time. Thank you for sharing this. :-)

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Merlot June 12, 2003

Grandma Pam, Oh my goodness,these were so easy to do,and they were so very good. We dipped them in salsa,and they were a hit with my husband. Thank you so much!!! Darlene Summers

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Darlene Summers May 22, 2003

OMG! If I could give this recipe more than 5 stars I would! I loved the ease of prep, and the flavor was awesome! I wasn't sure which size can to use, and realized that 1 4 oz was not nearly enough...it only had 3 chiles in it. hehe So I would recommend at least 3 of those. I made up a green gravy to serve with these as well that I will be posting. Deeeeelicious!!!

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canarygirl February 18, 2004

I used to work at a Mexican Food Resteraunt in Littleton when I was in High School that is now out of business. I worked in the kitchen and this recepi is very similar to what we used to make. I'm not sure if they used egg roll wraps as our chili rellenos were actually prepared by someone in the family and brought in frozen several times a week. I have been trying to replicate their recepi and never thought of egg roll wraps but that makes sense. I'm going to try it tonight. And we covered ours in home made green chili and garneshed with chopped lettuce. Oh the resteraunt started with "Mission"

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gobroncosfan February 25, 2013

Yum! We're making rellenos tonight and LOVE the egg roll wrappers! Haven't used cornstarch yet but I'm excited to try it tonight. We usually use colby jack, mild/medium cheddar AND cream cheese! Adding cream cheese to our rellenos makes them out of this world delicious!

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Littletonmama July 08, 2011

These were awesome! I used fresh poblanos, roasted and peeled, and should have brined them, as they needed the punch of the brine, but they were still fantastic. Thanks for sharing one of our new addictions!

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eknecht October 06, 2010

I will give these a try. I've made them, but not with cornstarch. I'm from colorado, and the Best Chile Tellenos I've ever had is from Gordo's. It use to be on colfax, then it went to 6th and Sheridan, now it's at 44th and Wadsword. BEST CHILE RELLENOS IN TOWN! ...I can never get them as good, though..

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Bernicerice February 01, 2010

Loved this recipe. I only made four as an appetizer with a freshly roasted chili and pepper jack cheese. Served it with Hot Pepper Garlic Jelly.

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adopt a greyhound November 06, 2009

I grew up eating these on Football sundays. We used to fry up hundreds for the game and there would never be any leftovers. Being from CO this is the only chile relleno that I love! They are SUPER EASY to make. Super easy to eat. When I was really small my mom didn't put the chile in some just for us kids. Instead we got a whole lot of cheese. We used to use monterey jack and/or cheddar. I prefer pepperjack now because it adds a little extra something to them. We never used cornstarch (I am guessing that is to keep them from sticking together when made ahead of time). But they turn out fantastic. If you are looking for an easy appetizer recipe or just something different these are SOOOOO worth it! They taste great on their own but any kind of mexican dip/sauce would probably make these that much more yummy! Happy Eating!

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tims_honey61 November 04, 2009

I am pretty sure I know which Mexican restaurant in Colorado..I am from Colorado too..(Grand Junction, CO) and if its the same restaurant I know of..I am crushed that they are out of business..? Anyway these chili rellenos were baked (or maybe the "warmed up" enchilada sauce was just poured over the chili relleno) in a mild enchilada sauce (after initial frying) and before serving..and they were the best...I am so glad that Colorado Cookie shared this recipe

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susannelsen February 08, 2009
"Chile Rellenos"