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Some like it HOT some like it COLD some like it....WOW was this HOT and I did not add the jalapeno juice or Tabasco sauce! But is it ever good and thick! Three out of five of us could eat it this hot. I'll make this one again using one jalapenos pepper. It cost a little over $11.98 to make not adding in the spices, onion, bell pepper or celery. Thanks Karen!

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Charlotte J November 24, 2002

The heat was just perfect as expected. I also liked the consistency of the chili, not too thick, not too thin and the taste was impressive. Since this was my first time making chili, I did not modify the recipe, and it was a success. Served mine with corn bread and a salad. A perfect meal for a relax weekend. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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Peter Pan March 16, 2003

This is really good chili. I followed the recipe almost to the letter. The only changes made are as follows: I marinated the stew meat in a puree of jalapeños along with the garlic and onion powders. Karen uses the liquid from canned jalapeño. I really didn't expect the marinating to have much of an effect on the final product but when I bit into the stew meat I could actually taste the jalapeño. That was a pleasant surprise. The recipe calls for 1 TBS of cayenne. I found what I thought was my cayenne in my cupboard in a jar. But it was really a variety of red pepper from India. I now remember when I bought it that it was several times hotter than ground cayenne peppers and it was reflected in the final dish. It wasn't too hot for me or my young son but my daughter had a little trouble with it. I also had to add a cup of water a couple of times as it cooked to keep it from drying out. The final dish was just thick enough with lots of chile, tomato, and meat flavor. It's not what I would call very hot chili but it was pretty spicy, probably because of the hotter ground red pepper I used. I'm a chile lover and ultra-hot foods don't bother me at all. The changes I'd make are as follows: I like beans so I'd double the amount. But I prefer either pinto beans or even better are black soy beans. The kidney beans are a little too soft and the skins too thick. I'd also add at least double the amount of stew meat. The other ground meats were perfect. I might add about 1/2 can less tomato sauce. This is the first non-baking recipe that I've followed to the letter in many years. I'm glad I did and if I keep the recipe exactly like it is without my proposed changes it would be a great bowl of chili again. The chili I make from scratch doesn't follow any written recipe and it has fewer veggies, (just onions and garlic) and I just use crushed tomatoes. I also use a blend of ground dried California, New Mexico, and Pasilla chiles in a larger quantity. It has a more pure chile flavor. I use beef broth instead of the onion soup. I like beans in my chili but I don't add them until later in the cooking so that they won't get so soft. I also make my beans from scratch, usually. Finally, while this was one of the best chili recipes I ever had, (I still like mine a little better) it's not what is commonly known as, "Chile Colorado". Karen has graciously offered me the chance to rename this chili. I have to think about this one. Thank you for this excellent chili recipe, Karen!

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Bruce Benjamin February 08, 2007

Full of flavor and the different meats really were a hit when I made this for a gathering. Lots of options for small tweaks that work well, too.

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howflowcanyougo December 31, 2013

I made this chili for my workplace's annual Christmas chili cook-off. I had never made this chili before but the recipe looked really great so I tried it. Wouldn't you know...I won the thing. There were 16 entries and this one took the trophy. I made a few minor modifications like substituting ground venison for the ground beef and using "heaping" tablespoons of the spices rather than exact tablespoons. The chili turned out thick, robust, and nice and hot. I will definitely make this again and keep it towards the front of my recipe binder. Thank you Karen!

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chris.olson75 December 28, 2013

This chili was amazing. My nine year old son and I entered a chili cook off at my church with it and won 2nd place out of about 30 entries. It was the first time we had ever made chili without using a McCormick packet. It packs plenty of heat, but the flavor was unmatched.

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Duane R. November 05, 2013

I have used this recipe for the past 3 years and just now getting around to posting a review. I love it and everyone that has had it loves it. I just won our town's chili cook off with it last weekend!! I followed it exactly (except I made 5 gallons of it) and it turned out amazing. Everyone complimented on it and wanted the recipe. This is my go to recipe for chili!

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daryl_hmnd May 06, 2013

I have this chile 2 x now & everybody loves it!! Made per recipe. I had someone ask for recipe. Thanks Karen From Colorado!

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Laurie Rhoton February 26, 2013

Excellent chili. Made half a recipe and used black beans, hot Italian sausage and pork cubes. Marinating the pork made a big difference.

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adopt a greyhound April 18, 2010

Awesome recipe and I don't usually like chili. I have made it several ways which include substituting ground turkey for ground beef, using lean beef, and changing out the breakfast sausage for lowfat chicken sausage. I reduced the amount of "spicy ingredients" because my daughter doesn't like it too hot. I just have them available on the side for other family members to add in if desired. Also, I strongly suggest using italian sausage instead of breakfast sausage. Much better flavor.

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Spamster February 04, 2010
Chile Lovers Spicy Three Meat Chili