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Talk about an authentic tasting Mexican dish! I did make a couple substitutions but can't wait to try again when I have all the ingredients. I used flour instead of corn tortillas and soyrizo instead of chorizo. Both substitutions worked great and I like to use soyrizo because it's not as greasy as chorizo (although not as authentic either). I also did not have creama so I served with sour cream instead. I tried your "in a pinch" method for whipping cream and that also turned out great! I served this dish with Arroz Verde - Arroz Verde (Green Rice). The complete meal (along with a cerveza Pacifico) made me feel like I was back on vacation in Mexico - Thanks for the great recipe!

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Babs7 August 26, 2005

My girlfriend and I were talking about breakfast and I mentioned Chilaquiles. I haven't had them in a while and I decided to look up a recipe and make some at home, rather than eat out. There were a lot of recipes to choose from and I couldn't decide, until I read the ingredients on this one. I had to give it a try. WOW! It was a smash hit for everyone in the house! I've never had Chilaquiles quite like this. These are the best, by far. I followed the recipe to a "T", with one addition. When the bed of tortilla and chorizo was on the baking dish, I poured 6 scrambled eggs over them before pouring on the salsa. Mom used to make Chilaquiles this way on the stove and I wanted some egg in the mix. Thank you very much, Toni. My family has very happy bellies.

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FernNita May 15, 2011
Chilaquiles Con Chorizo