Chickpeas and Penne With Pecan Red Pepper Pesto

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Total Time
15 mins
20 mins

It's fun to cook for my vegan neighbors, but also a challenge to come up with food that has texture in addition to good flavor.

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  1. First boil a quarter pound of penne noodles.
  2. while that is going, saute an onion in some olive oil.
  3. add the rinsed chickpeas in the pan to roast a little.
  4. in a blender, add the peppers, garlic, olive oil, chipotle, pecans, salt and pepper, and catsup.
  5. toss everything together and cook on low heat, just long enough to heat the sauce through.
  6. squeeze some lemon juice on top and serve.
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Very easy and very flavorful. I think next time I'll add a tad more chipotle powder; don't want it to blow my head off or anything, just want it to be a little more present.

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As other reviewers have said, this is a great recipe - it was easy to put together and full of flavour. I used white beans instead of chickpeas, walnuts instead of pecans, and some chipotle-adobo purée instead of chipotle powder. Next time, I'll try it with lime instead of lemon.

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This is seriously awesome.. so much flavor and very filling!