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A very tasty salad that ccan be the basis for some interesting variations. I used chickpeas that I cooked myself, and I pulled them out of the crockpot and doused them with the dressing. I think I would add some chopped parsley or thyme, to punch up the flavor a bit. I did not use the cream cheese, it just did not sound appealing, but I might try some manchego or mozzarella. I also think that adding some fresh veggies would be a nice variation - fresh diced tomato or zucchini.

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duonyte October 17, 2011

I had some chhickpeas left from some hummus recipes I'd tried yesterday and decided to make this for lunch today. Scaled down to 2 servings. I left out the cream cheese, which I didn't miss at all as the chickpea mixture was really flavourful (I really don't think I'd have been able to dice it, though). Made 1 hard-boiled egg and sat down to enjoy a delicious, healthful lunch with a toasted, whole-wheat pita. Thanks.

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evelyn/athens June 11, 2008
Chickpea Salad (Ensalada De Garbanzas)