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The first time I made these, they turned out very chewy. I almost couldn't eat them at all, especially not the leftovers. When I made them again, I used 1/4 cup of vwg and 1/4 cup of chickpea flour instead of just vwg. Terrific! Almost like schnitzel!

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Lovaskon March 30, 2011

Wonderful recipe! I actually have the cookbook Veganomicon, and have made this recipe more times than I can actually count. Recently, I used a "chicken" flavored vegan broth in place of veggie (YUM). Instead of mashing the chickpeas by hand, I've been pulsing them in my food processor. I find they come out much more even that way. I also now use my Kitchen Aid mixer with the dough hook to knead the dough and liquid for the FULL 3 minutes, and I REALLY like how the texture comes out, and it saves my wrists from tiring out too quickly...

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Kozmic Blues November 18, 2010

I love these! I made a batch today, baked half, fried half, then tried grilling both. I found baking (375* for 20 min, flip and bake 8-10 min longer) gave them a less chewy feel. More toothsome. And grilling was the perfect way to top them off. I put a bunch in the freezer and will toss them on the grill later for easy dinner one night in the future when I'm running late. Yummy! Try making them both ways, you won't be disappointed. Also, I add 1t liquid smoke to the liquid part. Adds just a little something. :)

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bekajoi July 01, 2010

I loved the flavor of these chickpea cutlets, but I'm giving the recipe 4 stars because the texture needs some help. They are way too chewy. The sensation is like attempting to chew up bubble gum (only less so). I think that cutting the Vital Wheat Gluten in half as poster Lovaskon suggested would be waaay better. Also keep in mind that these are meant to be rolled thin like schnitzel. They roll very easy so this isn't a problem. Visit theppk.com site for more details on how they should look. I served mine with Golden Gravy a Celeriac/Potato Mash, and Balsamic Roast Mushrooms . Other than the texture of the cutlets, my meal was fantastic. I will definitely be making these again only adjusting the amount of VWG I use downward. Thanks!

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averybird February 05, 2012

I've made these twice and the modifications I used the 2nd time made it a lot better. First off, make sure the chickpeas are completely mashed, the texture is better that way. I used Braggs instead of soy sauce, no zest or garlic cloves, and I replaced the spices. This is what I used: garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, dried mustard, white pepper, thyme, and Old Bay. It gave it a Cajun flavor and it was delicious! Make sure you serve these with gravy, they're pretty dry otherwise.

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HEATHER H. May 04, 2010

I cooked the cutlets last night , they were super good even cold ....I used 1/4 of water mixed with 1 ts of white miso paste mixed it really good ...light Soy sauce and smoked paprika ..next time I will make my own bread crumbs , I like to use healthy ones..I made them pretty thin because I red other post and I didn't want them chewy or gummy ...but next time I will bake them 350 for 15 minutes then flip them and 10 minutes ...I am new at this vegetarian recipes so I am not to sure how long you should cook them but they were so good not to salty , I could eat it all the time ...it gives you the satisfaction of chewing ...

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brigitte b. April 14, 2016

There were things I really liked about this recipe and others not so much. I loved the flavor, but mine turned out very salty. I would rinse the chickpeas and use less soy sauce. I'll have to tinker to get the texture to work but it seemed to improved as they cooled. I'm looking forward to trying the leftovers as a sandwich filling. Thanks for posting.

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Lucky in Bayview February 08, 2015

These were rally good. I followed the advise and only used 1/4 cup of vwg and 1/4 cup of wheat flour. Changed some of the seasoning to what I like. Will make again. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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Carolloveschocolate November 11, 2013

These were pretty good. We are trying to eat meatless mostly but i hate how much sodium is in all the commercial products like these. These were a little chewy but mostly yummy, easy, and inexpensive...and fills the dinner plate just like a meat would. Thanks for the great recipe emily.soulliere...

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jennyblender August 24, 2013

After I found this recipe in Veganomicon, this has been a huge hit in my house! I make double batches and freeze what I'm not using that day. (You can find a 'Doublebatch Chickpea Cutlets' recipe on Isa's Post Punk Kitchen site, which is what I follow. No lemon zest) They freeze perfectly and thaw quickly! We eat these in everything from burgers, chop them up and tuck them in wraps, top some homemade fettuccine alfredo, chop them up and fry them with some veggies and throw them in some quesadillas... these can go anywhere (and do if you live in my family! lol). I cook mine on my giant non-stick griddle instead of pan frying. Make sure you keep pressing them down when cooking. That really keeps them from getting too fat (and thus too gummy inside). So far I've been a seitan failure but these come out perfect every time :)

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Veggie Fam March 26, 2012
Chickpea Cutlets