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Wow, what a flavorful cholesterol- and diabetes-buster! I used 2 bunches of fresh dill leaves (instead of 3) @$1.99/bunch and yielded 2 cups dill. I was satisfied with the amount of dill I used, but I learned that each cup of fresh dill yields 4 calories and 12% of both Vitamins A & C, 2% of calcium, and 3% of iron. The dill countered the spicy hot combination of cayenne, ground coriander, fresh ginger and ground turmeric. This spice/herb combination packed a spicy punch, clearing out my sinuses, but didn't make me beg for mercy. When you eat this dish, you won't complain about bland garbanzo beans! If this dish sounds appealing to you, it would be wise to grown a large bunch of dill so you wouldn't have to take out a loan at the grocery store or worry about it going bad too quickly. I am so glad I tried this, though! Thank you for posting this recipe, Duonyte! Make for Please Review My Recipe tag game.

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KateL June 08, 2012

Opted to use all the cayenne, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 2 1/2 cups of fresh parsley (all I had - don't think 1/2 cup made a difference). Served with green curry chicken, basmati rice and naan. It was very good mixed with basmati.

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SonnyHavens February 20, 2015

I really liked this unique curry. I had my eye on this recipe for a while, but I really don't care for dill so it took me a while to finally make it. I'm still not crazy about dill, but I like it in this curry. The spices and the dill combine to great a very different flavor. It's pretty spicy, but not overly so. I, too, added the juice of half a lemon before serving, and thought it was the perfect finishing touch. As a vegan main dish, the serving are kind of small though; I got three smallish servings out of it. Next time I'll double the recipe to make four generous servings. Served on top of quinoa and with mango chutney.

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rpgaymer May 20, 2014

This was very very good.<br/>I didn't have coriander on hand - so I used Trader Joe's curry powder and that worked well.<br/>I also added juice from half of a lemon to add a little more acidity.<br/>LOVED the dish. My husband loved it too. I will make it again for sure.<br/>Thank you so much for this easy and delicious recipe!

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adams.wifey March 29, 2013
Chickpea Curry With Fresh Dill (Rasa Walla Kabuli Chana)