Chickpea, Cannellini Bean, and Wheatberry Soup

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READY IN: 9hrs
Recipe by Ambrosia for Guen

I tweaked this recipe from one in La Cucina Italiana magazine. There are so many Amazing recipes in that publication! What I have done is add some herbs to get that extra little zip in flavor. You can add nearly Anything to this soup since it's so basic, but I kept it simple with just adding herbs.

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  1. Soak cannelini beans in warm water overnight (or approx 8 hours). In a separate container, soak chickpeas and wheatberries together with baking powder overnight (or approx 8 hours).
  2. Lighlty salt soaking water and cook cannelini beans and chickpea/wheatberry mixture separately until al dente.
  3. Drain both pots, but don't throw the chickpea/wheatberry cooking water out-you'll need it for later.
  4. Add Cannellini beans to chickpea/wheatberry mixture in a big pot. Put back 7 cups of the cooking water (or if you eyeballed the bean/pea/berry amounts like I did, just make sure it's covered enough to look like a soup and add fresh water if needed). Salt and pepper the water just a teeny bit. Cook all together until everything is tender. When served, drizzle soup with olive oil, herbs, and pepper to taste.

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