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This is my second review of this recipe. The first review was on the taste of Morti's recipe since I have both eaten and helped her prepare it. Now I have made it myself for the 2nd time. It is not as tricky as Morti says it is. I think the secret is to brown the chicken quickly on a high heat. This browns without cooking the meat completely allowing you to finish it up in the very excellent wine and garlic liquid that you simmer it in keeping the meat moist and tender. Me being me, I just had to tweek the recipe the tinest bit (sorry sis, but you know I can never make a recipe exactly as written) by adding the zest of one fresh lemon because I like the lemon taste with the wine. It was an experiment that worked beautifully. The flavor is outstanding. Serve it with your favorite white and wild rice mix with some of the cooking liquid spooned over the top. You want as much of this delicous sauce on your food as possible. I served it with steamed broccoli and of course the liquid got into my vetetables on my plate as well. Very nice indeed. Morti's instructions are well written and easy to follow. The ease of the recipe makes it a good choice after a day of work. Thanks sis. This recipe is definately a keeper and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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Karen From Colorado May 05, 2005

I thought this was pretty good! My husband ate so muh he past out!:) I served it with buttered angel hair pasta, and I added parmesean and romano cheese to both the chicken and the pasta! MMMMMMM, so good. It's a keeper for us. Mimi C, FL

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mimi C April 05, 2007

I just love this recipe!! This is an outstanding recipe.

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Ali in Cali February 03, 2004


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Kim Edgar January 11, 2004
Chicken With White Wine & Garlic