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Hi Tebo; Made your recipe for dinner yesterday and it turned out super-great, as well as easy to make. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the chicken with the sauce. I served the chicken over my Special 5 Rice Combination topped with crushed cashews. I also used chicken wings and fried them separately, then added them to the sauce before serving. I have passed this recipe to several of my friends who enjoy good and tasty recipes. Will be making this recipe often. "Uncle Bill"

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William (Uncle Bill) Anatooskin May 14, 2002

This was a fantastic recipe. It was simple to prepare and very light. I prepared dinner for two and altered the recipe just a little. I used about 3/4 cup of cream and added about 1/2 cup of chicken broth to create more sauce.Very tasty!!

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jijill January 28, 2003

Excellent, excellent, excellent!!! Just tweaked it a tad; used half an onion, and did an extra fine mince or dice on the mushrooms. This could alter the original in that perhaps the mushroom flavor is more dispearsed throughout the sauce. Used about another fourth cup of cream and scant TBS of mustard. If there were more than five stars I would give it!! Thanks, Tebo, and I am immediately going to go check out your other recipes!

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Panino September 09, 2002

I actually used Sour Cream instead of light cream (because I didn't have any) and it was excellent. What a great recipe. I did not get the chicken breasts down to 1/4" and so had to cook them longer (traditional 'until the fork pierces and juice runs clear') but wow was this yummy!

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SiriZ February 28, 2013

This is one of those recipes that sounds good in print, but tastes even better! The only change I made to this easy-to-prepare recipe was to double the cream, parsley, mustard and lemon juice so there'd be lots of sauce (for the photo, though, I only used about half the sauce so the picture would be a better representation of the recipe, I served the extra sauce on the side; I also minced up extra parsley so I could use it as a garnish). There were also 5 breasts in my package, not 4, and that was a good thing -- everyone wanted another taste! Thanks for posting such a delicious chicken dish, Tebo.

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Lennie June 11, 2004

Loved this. If you love the "Diane" flavor (as in Steak Diane or Chicken Diane) you'll love this. I doubled the cream, mustard and lemon juice to get a lot of sauce. It was delicious.

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Twiggyann September 01, 2009

Made as written, was delicious. Thank you, Tebo.

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wirkwoman1 October 20, 2013

I made this yesterday and the wife and I both enjoyed it. When shopping for this recipe, I couldn't find light cream any where, so I had to go with heavy cream. I also seasoned the chicken prior to dredging it in the flour. Otherwise, I made the recipe to a tee. The wife really enjoyed the pop of lemon juice and the sauce was nicely thick.<br/><br/>When I make this again, however, I will change a couple of things. I will use 2 cups of mushrooms. It just needed more, fo me. The parsely I could just leave out altogether. It didn't seemed to do anything for the dish at all. If I happen to have parsley on hand, I would use it, but I would not purchase any parsley just to make this dish. I liked one reviewers usage of the worchestire sauce and wouldn't mind trying that.

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tudaan July 28, 2013

This was delicious... hands down. We loved it.

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luvmybge April 29, 2013

This was really good! I followed the recipe but didn't have fresh parsley so I used 1t. dried parsley and it came out fine. Next time I won't use my iron skillet as I think it gave the sauce an odd color. After I made the chicken I plated it and placed it in a 200 degree oven while I was making the mushrooms and onion. Thank you for posting!

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Fox Hollow April 25, 2013
Chicken With Mushrooms and Mustard