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FANTASTIC - this will wow your dinner guests. It's also EASY! I am in Australia like JanRoundOz and bought myself a bottle of Maggie Beer's verjuice and then went hunting for recipes. If you like sauces like hollandaise or bernaise,you will like this sauce. The cranberries make it really interesting. I thickened it a little with cornflour (cornstarch?) as I like a thick sauce. It wasn't really necessary though. I served it with fresh beans and potatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, sprinked with lots of sea salt, a little freshly ground black pepper and roasted till crispy. We fought over the remains of the sauce. It got ugly. :-) Try to find some verjuice instead of using a substitute, it's well worth it - the flavour it gives is simply unbelievably YUMMMMY!!!! ONYA, JanRoundOz!!

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Addledblue March 07, 2007

unbelievable! it was beautiful and i didn't mind the fruit and meat mix as it blended quite naturally. Make sure there is plenty of sauce as you will definetly want to taste the cranberry's with everything else on the plate!

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JustJanS September 02, 2003
Chicken With Dried Cranberries and Tarragon