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This is a great recipe and I'm surprised no one has reviewed it before now. I found it easy to prepare and it tasted very good. I served it with Mean Chef's Basque Potatos (also good) both use smoked paprika which was nice. I used skinless chicken breasts which I cut into large chunks and a can of chopped tomatos from which I drained most of the juice. The only thing I will add next time is a table spoon of tomato paste, more to enhance the colour than the flavour. If you can't get smoked paprika or you don't want so much spice you could subsitute sweet hungarian paprika. I recommend this recipe and will make it again.

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EeeGee May 06, 2003

This brought us back to Spain and the food that we have been craving! I added a little more paprika and never removed the chicken from the pan...i just added each ingredient to the pot in the order the recipe stated and let it simmer covered for about 30 mins. One of our favorites... wonderful flavor and aroma! Will definitely be making this one again! Thanks! (Make sure you have bread to soak up the sauce!!)

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Vino p.o. prn July 24, 2007

I have to admit I was skeptical, but after trying this dish last night I am a believer. I substituted the standard paprika for smoked and I used dry thyme instead of fresh, But it was fantastic. As my husband stated "Honey, this is my new favorite." And coming from him, that was saying a lot. I served this with a garden salad and some cheddar biscuits. It was delicious. However, the spiciness tends to grow exponentially, so I would suggest finding alternate dinner ideas if you have small children. Thanks Sackville Girl! This is a winner!

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Bean December 06, 2006

Myself and my bf had this for dinner and both agreed that it was tasty, but not mindblowing! We both like strong flavours, so next time I might add more chorizo, onions and garlic. Incidentally, I reheated some for lunch the next day and thought it was much tastier, so maybe it just needed a little time to develop. I served it with rice and a cold beer - yum!

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Neever August 28, 2006

Really liked this recipe. Used boneless chicken thighs cut into large, bite-sized pieces. Chopped fresh tomatoes and added some frozen corn for a complete meal. Cooked quickly and was very flavorful. Makes a BIG batch, so I cut amounts of everything down for our household.

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Contented homemaker November 07, 2014

Delicious, very rich flavors. I took ellle's advice and added a few spoons of tomato paste. The depth in flavors was just wonderful. I used almost 2 whole onions because I was trying to use them up, but I browned them in the beginning with chorizo before cooking the chicken. I served this with Mean's Basque Potatoes after I read the suggestion in Eegee's review. My husband and my father in law couldn't put this down and said 5 stars, no question about it! Will make again and again, thanks for posting!

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Magalicious September 15, 2011

This was ok, I was not too crazy about it. I definitely ate it, but I don't think I will ever make it again. The list of ingredients looked like I will definitely like it, but somehow I was expecting bigger flavors which I didn't find.

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Engineer in the Kitchen September 24, 2008

This was really good - I made a few changes to accomodate what I had on hand. I eliminated the olive oil and just sprayed my pan with cooking spray. I substituted the butter beans with a can of northern beans and used a 14 oz can of chopped tomatoes (using the juice from both cans). I did not have fresh thyme so I just threw in some dried and I didn't bother with the second amount of parsley. Served over whole wheat penne with a side of green peas and dinner rolls. Very good - just the right amount of spice/heat. Thanks for sharing.

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VA September 07, 2008

fantastic! thick, rich and delightful! adding just a bit of tomato paste gives it so much more colour and flavour, too. i'd had a dish similar to this before, and this is by far the simplest and easiest way to prepare such a dish. thankyou!

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ellle October 19, 2007

great flavor! i put the whole thing in a tupperware and left it unattended when I went to class. When I came back the whole thing was gone and some very satisfied roommates said I should make another batch. I just used the tenders.

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IAMLORDVOLDEMORT September 12, 2007
Chicken with Chorizo and Butter Beans