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I accidentally defrosted chops and chicken instead of just poultry and decided to make both with this sauce. Surprisingly, it was even better with the pork then the chicken. I loved how the ginger and soy paired with the apricot nectar transforming a simple sauce into layers of flavor. Made for 123 Hit Wonders.

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justcallmetoni February 10, 2010

We thoroughly enjoyed this for tonights dinner (the DM, DS and myself) and the only thing different I would do is to halve the sauce (and btw 1 3/4 cups of apricot nector = 405 grams can) and I would also have the butter and oil (more so in my case as I only cooked 3 medium skinless breasts) and I think would be more thank adquate to cook the breasts. But oh the flavour of that sauce was sublime and sends it through the stratsophere, thank you TeresaS, made for ZAAR Stars Tag.

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I'mPat July 05, 2010

Well this was a complete hit with the family tonight for dinner! I butterflied the chicken breasts to make sure they cooked evenly and did not get to dry while pan frying. The sauce is incredible. I did mix up the sauce and when the chicken was done removed that to a plate and then put the sauce in the same pan and boiled it there and then brushed the sauce on the chicken. Served with Hockey Puck Potatoes. My hubby told me this is now in his top 5 of favorite chicken dishes. Tagged during Potluck Tag game.

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HokiesMom February 24, 2010

Wow, everyone really enjoyed dinner tonight! My daughter actually made it which means I had to do the dishes. The chicken was so good I didn't even mind (and that says a lot!) We left the sauce off the back pieces of chicken in case someone objected to it, but luckily we had a bowl of sauce to fix that silly error! Great with rice. Made for Top Favorites of 2009 Tag Game.

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Buzymomof3 February 02, 2010

This was really good. Loved the slight bit of sweetness that the apricot nectar added to this dish. I did add a little more cornstarch based on another reviewer's comments. Used boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of chicken breast as that is what I had. Served with noodles and a mixed vegetable. Will definitely make this again. Thanks for posting this Teresa. Made for 123 Hits.

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LARavenscroft November 19, 2009

The flavor of this dish is very good. Next time I may add a bit more cornstarch because my sauce never thickened. But we all enjoyed the meal. I took Sydney Mike's suggestion and served with rice with peas. Thank you for the recipe.

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swissms October 05, 2009

Since this was for just 2 of us, I cut the chicken ingredients in half but then made the full amount of the sauce with its great combo of flavors! Served it with all over a brown rice & pea mix for a very nice tasting supper! The sauce adds a great new dimension to a chicken breast meal, & it's a keeper! Thanks for sharing it! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike September 27, 2009
Chicken With Apricot-Ginger Sauce