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Delicious! My pastry shells didn't cook quite right (they were lopsided) but that didn't detract from the flavor of the filling! I am looking forward to making these again with fresh tarragon. I also think mushrooms would be good, subbed for the chicken. Made for Spring 2010 PAC.

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Outta Here April 18, 2010

We really enjoyed this tasty dinner Chef Flower. I bought already baked vol-au-vent cases. This made for a very quick and easy dinner. I also used a good quality white wine. I love the flavours of the sauce; butter, wine, garlic and tarragon...yummy. The chicken was moist and tender, the sauce thick, rich, creamy and delicious. I'll be making this again often. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Baby Kato March 22, 2007

I doubled the recipe to make for four and had to use skinless chicken breasts. Had to keep warm in the oven while I cooked sides and I think this thinned down the sauce. Loved the taste of the tarragon (home grown and dried). Overall very tasty and easy to make. Made for the 2007 Newest ZAAR Tag game.

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I'mPat March 05, 2007

I also hunted in vain for vol-au-vent cases in the the freezer section of the supermarket.. and when I did find them, they were the pre cooked type in the nuts and cocktail sausages section! It's the first time I've ever had vol-au-vents, not because I didn't think I would like them but becuase all recipes I have seen until this one always had mushrooms in them, and I'm allergic to mushrooms. These were quick to make and were very tasty, but were missing that special something that would have made them 5 stars... so I think I will experiment with additional herbs and flavours beucase there is a possible 5 star status here somewhere I think :) In the meantime, please see my rating system: 4 stars for a recipe that is easy, looks and tastes yummy, Thanks!

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kiwidutch March 03, 2007
Chicken Vol-Au-Vents