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Delish!! I used boneless/skinless breasts (just personal preference), but didn't change anything else. The store I shop at didn't have tamarind powder, but had the whole pods. I wasn't too sure what to do with them, but I took them out of the shell, pulled off the strings, removed the seeds and squished them using my hands in a little water, then strained. Dish came out fine, so I guess I did OK. Couldn't tell by the recipe what was supposed to be garnish? I threw it all in the skillet. Boyfriend that "didn't like Vindaloo" says I should make this again. Good stuff.

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Lerlene December 06, 2010

Turned out excellent! Very tasty! My wife doesn't like too much spice so I used half of the amount of cumin and cayenne. I also used one cup of tomato sauce and one cup of water. The whole family loved it!

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Arns99 April 21, 2010

WOW! For the first time I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Like the last reviewer, I halved the amount of water and added a can of tomatoes. Besides that, the only change is that I didn't have any cloves or fresh coriander on hand. Don't let the long list of ingredients scare you - this is so easy that I was able to chat on skype at the same time. Will for sure be making this recipe again as is so cheap and easy. NB - though Vindaloos are supposed to be hot (and this has got some great kick) I'm sure that the flavours would be amazing even without the chili.

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zamgirl January 14, 2010

Fantastic recipe! The only changes I would suggest are 1) that there is entirely too much ginger - next time I will only use 1 tbsp instead of the 2 called for in the recipe; and 2) cayenne, as others have suggested, may be too much for some people...it was fine for me, but way too hot for my fiancé...when I made it with just a tsp of cayenne it was perfect though! Recipe is indeed poorly written, but recipe itself is outstanding so I'm still giving it 5 stars!

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Donnie L. March 28, 2015

Wow! I tried this recipe and wow! Something has to be off in the recipe. There are so many spices, it tasted like chewing sand and incense. Had to guess on the amount of ghee and tamarind, but that couldn't have been it. I've had Vindaloo many times and this is so bad I'm weary of ever trying a recipe from the internet again. This should be taken off the site. I could go on but I think I need to go gargle with rubbing alcohol to get the taste out of my mouth.

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tickandbone October 03, 2015

no stars...this recipe is so unclear...and ghee...or butter...am I supposed to guess how much or did I just miss it somewhere in the POOR write-up. This tastes NOTHING like vindaloo...bunch of chicken wasted cause I hate it....ugh

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MELID March 30, 2015

Used the recipe as a general guideline, and it came out really good! My pass-along tip: I added cauliflower and carrots. They may have been the best part! I had to adjust the time and amount of liquid but well worth it! I needed to use up leftover turkey so this was made with turkey drummies, deboned and added in the last ten mins. I was lazy so I used curry spice instead of individual spices (I know! I'm terrible! But it was late!), then ended up adding additional salt. I used chicken stock instead of water.I served over coconut rice with store-bought roti. Other than the roti, meal was entirely made up from leftovers. I was so pleased! :-D

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GirlyJu December 12, 2014

A family favorite, and a meal I strive to make once every month or two. We always use boneless skinless chicken breasts, as we aren't big fans of skins, sub out one can of water for a can of tomato sauce, and add a touch more of each spice. The absolute best vindaloo recipe.

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Nosyaiel June 11, 2014

This recipe has potential to be VERY GOOD, with a few major changes:<br/><br/>1. The original recipe calls for way too much salt! I cut the salt in half and only used 1tsp, and it was still too salty. Next time I make it I will probably use 1/2tsp (or less.)<br/><br/>2. 1 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper is also way too much. I generally like spicy food, but I still cut it back to 1tsp which gave it a nice heat.<br/><br/>3. I also sub'd dried tamarind for tamarind paste. It worked out great and really gave it an authentic vindaloo taste. Do not sub "tamarind chutney" for the paste though?<br/> <br/>4. I also used chopped boneless skinless breasts (which is optional) and because I prefer white meat.<br/><br/>The recipe is very poorly written and a little hard to follow. Basically, I lightly sautéed the chicken breast in ghee, then transferred it to my dutch oven. I added all of the dry spices along with the vinegar, tamarind paste, sugar, lemon juice and water and simmered until sauce reduced.

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mulakb January 31, 2014
Chicken Vindaloo