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As I expected!! DELICIOUS! the smell of the house as this was cooking was worth it just for that! but the taste! a definate keeper my hubby loved this and so did I! I didn't wrap in a tortilla but instead just dipped the tortillas, this is really amazingly good and simple and I encourage everyone to try it! Thanks Canarygirl, I love this! Donna

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Donna July 04, 2002

Fabulous, Canarygirl!! Next time I make this, I will double (or even triple) the recipe - it is so versatile and great for leftovers. After we had this with tortillas for supper, the next day I made appetizers with it! Just put about a teaspoon of this on a taco chip, top with a little Mexican-style cheese, and zap in the micorwave for a few seconds - delish!! DH thinks this mixture will make great Chicken Enchiladas (his personal fave). I didn't have tomatillo salsa, so used a mild one that I had on hand. Also, no cumin seeds, so I used 3/4 tsp ground. Excellent - thanks!!!

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KeyWee July 17, 2002

Oh my God, this is good! And yes, the smell while it's cooking is amazing! We had it rolled up in flour tortillas with refried beans, chopped tomato, shredded cheese, and plain yogurt, which I prefer to sour cream. It was just delicious! We had some of our leftovers with my mole sauce and it was heaven! And we still had enough chicken to put away in the freezer for another time! BTW, I used some boneless breast instead of a whole chicken. Great recipe, canarygirl! EDITED TO ADD:I had roasted 2 whole chickens, and after serving one for dinner, I decided to use the second one to make this chicken verde. Since I had no water from cooking the chicken, canarygirl suggested starting with 2-3 cups of stock. I started with 3, added my shredded chicken, and the rest of the ingredients. Also threw in a couple of chopped, seeded jalapenos. Then I used a good portion of it to make Moxie's Chilaquiles with Chicken, #67921. The rest are coveted leftovers, hehehe. A match made in heaven! Thansk cg! :)

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ciao August 12, 2003

YUMMY! we just had this for dinner tonight even though i made this yesterday and everyone is right it does get better. i used dark meat only and we ate it with green onions, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, cheese on flour tortillas. i can't wait till tomorrow to eat it for lunch. my only hitch was my sauce was very thin and that was why dh said maybe tinker with it a bit more but i LOVE it exactly AS IS and since i do ALL the cooking around here.....;-)

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taylortwo January 06, 2003

OMGoodness! I thought this was wonderful when I made it last night, but today it's even better! Mere words don't do it justice. LOL It's very pretty, too! I covered the pot while my chicken was cooking. (May be an obvious thing to do, but hey, I'm still learning. LOL) Great recipe!

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GinnyP November 13, 2002

This was AWESOME! My family loved it and my kitchen smelt so good while it was cooking I could hardly wait to give it a try! My step-son and I thought it was perfect and we wouldn't change a thing, but my husband thought it needed more spice. Next time I will chop him some fresh jalapenos to go with it. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Kim D. September 30, 2002

Very Good!!! Used the leftovers for tostadas. YUM! Try this one y'all.

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riffraff August 26, 2002

Well my good friend Riff suggested I give this recipe a try. I have come to learn that she has very good tastes. I started this early this morning for tomorrows supper because I wanted all the flavors to blend over night. Lets just put it this way, I am already rating this as I have tasted and I have had to chase DH out of the kitchen several times once he tasted it! We are really looking forward to tomorrow! Thanks Canarygirl and Riff!

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Just Cher March 09, 2003

Yum! This was so good and really very easy to make! I did make a few changes to the recipe. I made it from leftover roasted chicken. I used about 2 cups of chicken and halved the rest of the ingredients. Also, instead of making it on the stovetop, I put it in the crockpot on low for about 2 hours. Thanks for a great recipe, CG!

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~cbw~ February 09, 2004
Chicken Verde