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OMG it was so good!!!! My son (15mnths) was just shoveling it into his mouth. Although I didn't have all the ingredients at this time. Lets just hope it taste just as good next time with all the ingredients!!!!

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Tracy Blodgett March 10, 2004

Super easy and super good. I made this tonite as I had leftover turkey that needed to be used. Didn't feel like the regular same old same old so checked out Derf recipe list and this is it. This came together so easy. I did make some changes in that I used homemade biscuits and dented them to fit into cups. DH loved and and again asked is this a recipe from zaar again? OF COURSE! He was very pleased. Thank you for another keeper.

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Chef1MOM-Connie August 22, 2007

Was VERY tasty, true! Reminds me of comfort food when little too! LOVE presentaion with muffin tin, I reckon if made this recipe...is always a win!

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mickeydownunder January 30, 2007

What a wonderful filling and great way to use up leftover chicken or turkey! I substituted white vinegar because I did not have the wine vinegar on hand and I added 1 teaspoon prepared mustard to add a little zip. When I make toast cups I brush them with melted butter on both sides before toasting them and fill them with scrambled eggs, bacon bits, and cheese for breakfast; or with creamed salmon or tuna and peas; or fried mushrooms and onions with odd bits of leftovers (potatoes, meat, veggies)using leftover gravy or cream of mushroom soup (or other cream of soup). I have some frozen pastry tart shells in the freezer and I think this filling would great in those too. Thanks for a terrific recipe. :) Burnice

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foodtvfan December 11, 2006

This was a wonderful recipe Derf, thank you for posting. It was so easy and although I made it lower in fat by using skim evaporated milk and using chicken stock (instead of the butter) to cook the vegetables in, it was still full of flavour. I did use a little Tabasco as well. I found your recipe when I was searching Zaar for a way to use up left over cooked chicken breasts. Thanks Glen

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Ninna September 11, 2006

Toast cups are so lovely and easy, but you could be lazy and serve on plain old toast, too. I really enjoyed this dish. Fresh with lots of veggies, colorful and pretty healthy. Not gloppy like most chicken a la king recipes. Even better the next day over toast. I have to admit, I did not expect my kids to eat this one..the vegetables were too visible; however, my 6 year old ate 4 of them! The only change I made was to use pimento instead of red pepper as I had none. Thanks, Derf!

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LonghornMama December 20, 2004
Chicken (Turkey) a La King in Toast Cups