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great recipe! I am from the Chicago area, and love Max and Ermas, but hardly ever make the trip up there to have it. I made this soup for a potluck, and while I was weirded out by all of the canned soup, the end result tasted amazing!

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Laura in Normal October 06, 2008

I have been ordering this soup at Max and Erma's for over 5 years, and this recipe is dead-on for the real thing! My family loves it. It freezes well, too, for a quick meal after work.

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paruscin January 17, 2009

Let me start off by saying that I have worked at Max & Erma's in the past, and I used to eat this soup a lot. I no longer live in an area that has a Max & Erma's restaurant, so I just thought I would have to do without until I came across this recipe. Having tried other chicken tortilla soups since the infamous in-house recipe from M&E's, I was skeptical because I have yet to find anything even remotely close to what they serve. With this recipe I decided to just make half, so that way I wouldn't waste any ingredients. I regret doing so. This soup was so amazing. SO amazingly close to the original. YES, I agree with the others who say that there are A LOT of calories in this, and I wish there was another way other than using all the cream-of soups that the recipe calls for. If you push that aside and simply rate the recipe based on it's taste and accuracy to the restaurant soup, it's 100% in my book. I finished my entire batch by myself within a week, and now I have to make more because of how good it is. I made the recipe exactly as stated, I didn't make any crazy changes. The only thing that I did is I used pre-made tortilla strips instead of making my own. For those who say it's nothing like the original, you are clearly doing something very wrong.

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baileygirl88 December 05, 2012

This was very good! I've only had max and erma's soup twice but loved it both times. I just can't remember it enough to know if it's a good copycat or not. But like i said, the soup is very good! The creator of this recipe needs to update the nutrition info though because I halved the recipe and I would say that alone would make 6 servings. I came up with each serving having around 400 calories. Definitely not 1319.

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sun33082 December 17, 2011

Haven't had the restaurant soup but I can tell you that this recipe is tasty! I halved the recipe and there was plenty left over. My thought is to add more chicken to the leftovers and pour over rice as a new dinner. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

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lunkochick April 14, 2009

I've never had Max & Erma's chicken tortilla soup, but I can tell you that this is good! My sister and her boyfriend made it for a family gathering, and everyone loved it. It makes a ton of soup - we had lots of leftovers even after feeding 6 people. The deep fried tortilla strips are the best part, so don't substitute tortilla chips!

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Lucky Clover March 16, 2009

I started making this for my pregnant sister because she was spending too much money on the real thing. This recipe is so easy and I think it is better than what you get at Max and Erma's. It makes a lot, so I usually will cut the recipe in half and it still makes enough for us to eat on a couple days.

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erinmhenning February 24, 2009

We're coastal people, not accustomed to the bitter cold you midwesterners routinely slog through. With the ice storm headed our way I decided to make this recipe - using 1/2 the listed Campbell's soups and adding 6 cans of water + 1T chicken base. I couldn't imagine how the essentially undiluted soup would not scorch with a 2 hour cook time otherwise - and we could not swing that undiluted cream of soup. That said, I use the canned low sodium diced tomatoes and a 1/2 pint of green tomato/onion salsa. Ended with tearing 3 dried out flour tortillas and tossing along with 6 ounces of diced Velveeta. This is simply a wonderful cold weather soup that fed the two of us for 4 meals! Frying was out (I only fry outside and the sleet made that a nonstarter) so we crunched on Fritos - went great! I am not opposed to Campbell's Cream of... soups - I just don't usually buy them as I can do almost as well way cheaper from scratch. Anyway, this recipe with the flour tortilla tearups and additional cheese (& home made green salsa) is a real sleeper keeper. I plan to serve this at an oyster roast if the extreme cold weather ever lets up here. Thanks for keeping us warm and well fed, ACTanksley! Real sleeper keeper recipe!

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Buster's friend February 13, 2014

My favorite creamy comfort food soup!! Absolutely love it! I make it with what I have on hand usually making several substitutes when necessary and always is delicious! You can't go wrong with it! I make a very large batch and freeze several containers for a quick meal anytime!

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jeanieharding November 25, 2013

Love this soup! It tastes just like the restaurant's! This makes a huge pot though and is very rich to eat a full serving.

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LoriHP January 11, 2011
Chicken Tortilla Soup - Max and Erma's Copycat