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Made this recipe and the family just loved it, My Husband loves chicken thighs and I am always looking for different ideas to make them. I served the chicken and sauce over yellow rice instead of pasta and it was delicious.

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Paintpuddles May 19, 2008

Not bad at all! Flavors were good (I needed considerably more salt and pepper) and it was straightforward to cook. The ingredients are also things that most cooks keep on hand. The allspice was a surprise, but worked all right in the dish. The only thing I'd want to work on is the sauce; it was quite thin and watery and the chicken looked anemic after taking all that trouble to brown it. I thickened mine with cornstarch-in-water. Browning flour in the veggies before adding the broth and wine might also have done great here, sort of like how one makes smothered chops. But it was filling and easy to make and I liked the taste. I needed "something new" to do with chicken thighs and this is something I will cook again with some tweaking. PS: This is also very low-carb friendly if you just eat it out of a bowl and skip the pasta suggested!

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Vangelista January 12, 2008
Chicken Thighs Marengo