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Don't let the vast number of steps scare you off as they are more a indication of the posting chef's care in offering guidance to those unfamiliar with the preparations for tagines. There is quite a bit of chopping, but nothing complicated. My sauce was still watery at the end of the stated cooking time so I let it simmer an additional 15 minutes. The extra time transformed this from a 4 plus recipe to a definite 5 star dish. Specifically, it was in this extra cooking time that the onions, tomatoes and garlic really broke down and melded with the prunes and created that sweet-savory complexity that is characteristic of Morrocan cuisine. Scaled this down to 2 servings and prepared it with 2 rather large chicken breasts. Thanks Kate.

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justcallmetoni June 25, 2006

Pretty good! I added some potatoes and chick peas to the broth because there was so much of it, and turned it into a very hearty one-pot meal!

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Mirramar September 13, 2010

This is so so tasty! I used a whole chicken that I cut up and had it in the oven in 20 minutes. I did use a 12 inch Le Creuset Tagine which I found not to use all the liquid called for. And even then it did escape the tagine . I did brown stove top, then added the rest of the ingredients except for the almonds and minus most of the broth. Baked at 325 degrees for 1 hour. This will come out fall apart tender. It was so soft I couldn`t arrange the food for a photo shoot! LOL! A must make!!! Thanks!!!

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Rita~ April 23, 2008

DEEEEEELICIOUS!!! Easy to make, too! Had a drop in guest eat the last piece of chicken, lol. We devoured this over a simple couscous w/currants. Absolutely stunning flavors. I think my house is going to smell yummy forever. Thanks, Kate! Made for NA*ME Tag.

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Elmotoo April 05, 2008

Yummy! I used a large heavy casserole pot (I don't have a tagine yet!). I used eight on the bone chicken thighs pieces instead of one large chicken (personal preference), I also used the optional curry powder and didn't have preserved lemons so I used fresh lemon zest, otherwise I kept to the recipe. The flavours really mixed well together, I think next time I may add extra prunes (personal preference). Thank you so much Chef Kate.

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Chef floWer October 15, 2007

This is a wonderful recipe I will use again and again. I made this dish last night and served it with spicy rice pilaf (adapted from Miss Annie's couscous recipe, #33083)and broiled tomatoes with a tarragon/parmesan/mayonaise topping. I cooked the chicken in a cast iron pot, which worked well. I used eight skinless, boneless chicken tenders. I didn't have the curry powder, so I made it myself using my husband's recipe. (See gourmetsleuth.com.) I used ground ginger (but didn't measure it). I didn't have preserved lemons, so I used two tablespoons of low-sugar orange marmalade and the juice of one large lemon. I used canned (diced) tomatoes. I had three large plums, and I cut them in eighths. I used the chicken stock (no water), and I forgot the almonds! I'm sure the dish would have been great with them, but it was fantastic anyway. Thank you, Chef Kate. I also want to thank Toni Gifford, whose review convinced me to try the dish.

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Lanie-Wife May 17, 2007
Chicken Tagine With Plums and Spices