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Believe it or not, this exact recipe is in the latest edition of "Taste of Home" magazine! I was going to post it here after making it last night, but gosh darn it, you beat me to it...by about 6 years-LOL!!! This is amazing stew...I followed the directions exactly (I even borrowed the 1/2 cup of wine from a neighbor since I quit drinking and am in recovery). By the way, I think step 6 you should only use the wine, the entire amount of vinegar should be in step 2. Very simple and healthy for you too!

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yooper October 03, 2009

100 stars if I could! This stew is awesome. The roasted veggies smelled so amazing and the seasonings were perfect. The only changes I made here were using just a little spray oil in the roasting pan and on the veggies, instead of 1 T of oil. I also used just 1 lbs of diced chicken breast meat that I had in the fridge. I used 4 cups of broth and only 1 T of flour because it was a little too thick. I was confused by the directions with the vinegar...step 2 and step 6 both say to use it, so I just split it up and it seemed to work fine. I simmered the chicken in the wine for a quite a while, it really soaked it up and you could taste the wine everytime you bit into a chicken piece. So, so good, I am making this again today for freezing and foodsaving and giving it to everyone I know! THANKS!

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yogiclarebear March 01, 2007
Chicken Stew with Roasted Balsamic Vegetables