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I've had few recipes that were so insistent on trying to fail. First, the artichokes. When I opened the can, they were dark. They smelled ok, but when I tried a bit after pan-frying, they were awful. I am sure if I had a fresh can, they would have been fine, but I chucked them. Then, I chopped the onion and - dropped the pan. (This was after dropping the dish of diced potatoes and chopped celery for our soup earlier). So.I.Chopped.Some.More. I opted to use two drumsticks and thighs as I could not face more chopping. I really liked the flavor of the braising broth - it really imbued its flavor into the chicken, but I did end up with a lot of sauce that I think I would nice to have thickened a bit. Then, I burned the saucepan of rice that I intended to serve with, so ended up making mashed potatoes. I am sure this would have been wonderful with the artichokes, but even without them, it was quite tasty. Mr Grumpy ate it without complaints.

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duonyte January 05, 2014

I have to admit that I played a bit fast and loose with the ingredients; but I really enjoyed this dish. To start, I cut the dish in half, as I just wanted enough for dinner for one plus leftovers. Second, I forgot that I only needed half of the can of artichokes, so the whole thing went in- good thing I love artichokes! Third, I had some lonely looking mushrooms sitting around the kitchen, so I tossed them in as well. And just to be difficult, I used boneless thighs instead of breasts. Overall, this was a wonderful dish! Even though it was too much food; the flavors were wonderful, and blended very well. Served over brown rice, this was tasty, filling, and fairly healthy. I'll definitely make it again. Thanks for posting!

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IngridH August 18, 2011

We LOVED this! It has a very nice blend of flavors and was easy to make. I especially like the cinnamon in it. I followed the recipe exactly but used spray oil. I served it over white rice. If I make this again I will double the sauce as there wasn't much of it when it was done cooking. Made for Holiday Tag.

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Engrossed March 13, 2007
Chicken Stew With Artichokes and Garlic