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We absolutely loved this veggie-ful chicken dish over polenta. I used microwave polenta to make the polenta (I did not use the cheese for this recipe though). I halved the amount of chicken and Italian seasoning and omitted the olive oil (just used cooking spray). I did include red pepper flakes which gives this dish a nice little kick. This was so filling and good for you that I'm sure we'll be making again. DH loved it - I thought he might lick the bowl!!! Ok, so I was tempted to do the same!

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Brooke the Cook in WI February 25, 2009

This was good. We like this sort of comfort food. I think it needed broth r something because between the artichokes & tomatoes it had a bit too much acidity. And there were too many veggies for 1lb chicken. This was a well written recipe for the contest. Best of luck to you!

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Elmotoo February 22, 2009

A delicious and fast dinner treat. I slivered the carrots instead of grating and reduced the amount of Italian seasoning to 1 teaspoon of a dried quality spice blend. I did not use the red pepper flakes initially but did for leftovers. This makes very generous servings, maybe closer to 6 than 4. Good luck in RSC #13. This is a great creation.

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PaulaG February 20, 2009

Easy to prepare comfort meal that went to the table in less than 30 minutes. My one change was to use a full can of tomatoes despite scaling back the recipe to two servings. I felt this was a good decision as it created additional sauciness for the stew which otherwise might have been a little dry. On initial tasting, I found the earthiness of the spinach dominated not letting the flavors of the artichokes and other components emerge. This was not the case with the leftovers where the balance was perfect. My guess is the additional cooking in reheating restored the intended balance. Finished this with a splash of balsamic vinegar which brightened the flavors of the artichokes and tomatoes quite a bit. Thanks and good luck.

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justcallmetoni February 20, 2009
Chicken Stew W/Polenta