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Sarah...This tastes and looks good but there are so many steps and the directions are a bit disjointed.You do need to let the polenta cool in the refrigerator for it to cut correctly so you may want to boil the chicken and eggs, and make the polenta in advance, then assemble the pie later in the day or the next day. It's unclear whether to use marjoram on the ingredients or oregano in the directions.The amount of chicken is wrong-1.5 chicken breasts (or about .75 lbs.)matches with the other ingredients to fit perfectly in an 8 x 11 pan with six generous servings.Per the packaging I used 2 cups corn grits and 6 cups water. It works out perfectly to spread the polenta in a cookie sheet with sides and cut in half. Helpful tips for American cooks: 190 degrees C=375 degrees F; cornflour=cornstarch; 500 g spinach->2 10 oz pkgs is perfect; "tasty cheese"=cheddar cheese Reviewed for the Hidden Gems contest,this was originally in RSC 6.

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FLKeysJen March 29, 2007
Chicken Spinach Polenta Layer Pie