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Lovely soup! My son had a taste and immediately requested I make it again. The vegetables and tomatoes are a change from the chicken soup I usually make, a very nice change. I used a fryer chicken, a large onion, 3 stalks celery and 3 large carrots. I omitted the dill (for the kids) and used diced tomatoes instead of stewed. I added a bay leaf and some black peppercorns for flavour. Near the end of the cooking time I added lots of egg noodles to cook in the soup. I would have liked a bit more guidance about how much of the vegetables to add, I did guess, but the amounts I used worked very well. Thanks for a great new soup to add to my collection :)

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Cookin-jo September 11, 2007

Chicken soup is an almost universal dish & as such is very subject to pers pref. The good thing about this recipe is that it caters to that certainty. It gives you the basic required ingredients, turns you loose w/them to make the soup your way & I did it. I used all the listed ingredients except I found myself w/o celery at the last moment. When the soup was done, I deboned the chicken, added the meat back to the pot & then added raw rice to cook w/the broth & veggies. When the rice was done, I turned it into a lightly creamed soup by adding 1/3 cup cream cheese. Crusty bread & a green salad rounded out the dinner & it was YUM! I think dumplings also would be very good w/this soup. Pls see my rating system - a very worthy 4*. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us.

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twissis February 06, 2007

This is THE BEST CHICKEN SOUP I have ever tasted. I added chicken boullion and matzo balls. I'm definitely looking forward to lunch this week!

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puppitypup September 19, 2006
Chicken Soup