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This is an excellent recipe to dress up boneless chicken breasts. Flavorful and very complimentary to the chicken. I was not sure what was wanted in step 6, so I butterflied the breasts. This worked very well as it allowed them to cook through with just the right golden brown coloring. I had to simmer the sauce about 45 minutes, but I may have had the burner to low being cautious not to simmer to rapidly. The tomatoes never did break up and the mixture was not coming to the consistency I expected, so I used my immersion blender and blended it just about a minute, until the tomatoes pureed. This brought it to a very smooth and slightly thickened sauce consistency. The finishing step (14) with the butter was the crowning touch, making it a very creamy topping for the chicken breasts. I served a salad on the side and strawberries with sweetened whipped cream. A delicious meal.

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Leta June 03, 2003

Leta, the reason to cut the breast crosswise (and you can butterfly as you did, or cut right through having 2 smaller 'halves') is to even out the thickness of the breast, so you don't have one very thick side that takes longer to cook.

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evelyn/athens June 07, 2003

Excellent weeknight dinner! I love the bay leaf-rosemary combination with the tomato and chicken. For 2 of us, I halved the recipe and used a 14.5 oz. can of diced Roma tomatoes... even with the sauce ingredients halved it took exactly 25 minutes for most of the liquid to evaporate; it was chunky and delicious. My departure was to cut the chicken breasts into 1-inch chunks; my goal was to have more surface for the sauce to seep into, it was so good. It worked well; served it over rice and it was even more than either of us could finish! I'd say that half a recipe serves about 3. Great stuff, I didn't expect less! Thanks, Evelyn!

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EdsGirlAngie February 05, 2005
Chicken Saute in Tomato-Vinegar Sauce