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Why the heck doesn't thing go up to 10 stars?!?!?! Yep, you read it right! This recipe warrants 10 stars. Even though I made myself something entirely different for dinner than I did for my husband, I couldn't help but eat some of this. He raved and raved (and so did I). At first I was a little concerned once I started mixing the ingredients for the sauce, but after about 20 minutes of being refridgerated, I had to dip my finger in and taste it. Boy, it blew me away. The combination of the coconut, PB, and red peper were amazing. You can taste each ingredient separately. At first you taste the PB, then within a few seconds you taste the coconut and a few seconds after that the red peper hits. Then, you get the full flavor of it all. I made instant rice and put the chicken on top of it. I heated up some of the sauce and drizzled it over the chicken and rice. I saved some cold sauce in case DH wanted to dip the chicken. Both our meals were devoured in litterally 5 minutes (took me 2 hours total cooking for both meals - includes marinading time). LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe! Thanks again Chia!

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Trixyinaz March 12, 2003

We loved this! Instead of broiling, we grilled to enjoy the beautiful weather. My husband said, "This is the best chicken-on-a-stick I've ever eaten!"

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Daphne2002 March 12, 2003

The first few times I made this, I used put the chicken on skewers. When I make it for just my family, I skip this step and just put the chicken on the pan and stick in the oven. This saves a lot of time in preperation and a lot of time when it's time to eat! If I were entertaining though, I'd probably go back to the skewers, just for the sake of presentation. The sauce is delish. I do usually add a little bit of brown sugar to make it a little more sweet.

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JenniCat December 19, 2009

I've always wondered how to make a sauce like this close to my favorite Asian restaurant's, and this is it! I used it as a dipping sauce after sauteeing the chicken in sesame oil.

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Hiker94 January 25, 2004

YUMMY! I've had this dish in thai restaurants before and loved it, but had no idea how to prepare it at home. Now I do! I will absolutely be making this again. *Note* - Recipe is NOT kidding when it says to soak those wooden skewers. I didn't soak them for the full 30 minutes and they started to burn and smoke. Next time I'll be more careful :-).

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lovindisney January 13, 2004

Great recipe - easy and amazingly tasty. I made this for a potluck for the first time and got so many compliments. I have made it once or twice since then. I use the light coconut milk. For the marinade, I take some of the sauce and add more coconut milk to use up the can to make a slightly runnier marinade that seems to better cover the amount of chicken. This also makes it so that I can adjust the sauce to my desired thickness. I think the lime juice adds something that you just don't get it commercial jarred sauces. Also the most recent time I made this, I added some Thai red pepper/garlic paste, which really makes for a nice subtle kick to the creamy sauce. I also slightly reduce the brown sugar, but it still allows for some really nice crispy brown parts on the grilled chicken. This was my first foray into grilling meat on skewers, and it was much easier than I had imagined and, with this recipe, so very rewarding!

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Meredith C-ville February 05, 2012

I just made the sauce - and it was great. I used light coconut milk and halved it. The coconut flavor was still very prominent. Next time I think I might just do a quarter of it. I also used 3/4 teaspoon of red pepper flakes to make it a little spicy. Thanks for this yummy dipping sauce!

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Maito June 29, 2009

It separated and I felt it was missing something so added a little salt and then a tiny bit of American mustard ( yes you read right) and a little honey - both to emulsify the sauce, and Whammo! O.M.G!! WoW! That is delicious!

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Michelle V. July 23, 2015
Chicken Satay W/Peanut-Coconut Sauce