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Fantastic! I have a treasured family recipe, which was given to my mum in the 60’s by an Indonesian friend, but I still wanted to try this version as well. This was absolutely five star. The peanut and coconut sauce was a good mix - we did think the addition of a lime might have enhanced it - I use lime in my recipe, but that was not enough reason to take a star away!! The marinade for the chicken was excellent, I have never used whisky before & although I could not taste it, but I am sure it tenderised the chicken and "deepened" the flavour. The recipe was well written and easy to follow, an absolute winner kiwidutch, I am glad I tried it! FT:-) P.S. I still think lime juice might give the sauce just that bit of a "zing".....but that is purely personal taste!!!

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French Tart March 27, 2007

Had this today and it was great. When putting it into the blender a pretty yellow bell pepper caught my eye so I threw it in and blended it up. I then realized it wanted the chicken bbq'd, which I dont have. So I put the mix in a frying pan, added the chicken and let it simmer for a while till the chicken was done. It made a yummy indian tasting meal over rice. I added cilantro and fresh lemon at the end. So... I did it a bit different but had a great meal that I wouldnt have thought of without your recipe as inspiration. Thanks :)

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Wobin October 31, 2010

Great recipe! I used thin-sliced chicken breasts and didn't skewer them. For the peanut sauce I used 1/4 cup of chopped peanuts and a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter; the sauce came out rich and creamy and delicious. As others, I didn't add the condensed milk. The chicken was flavorful and the sauce was nice and spicy - loved this - thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof October 16, 2010

The peanut sauce gets a five stars - easy, fragant and exactly what I was looking for in the taste department. The chicken gets three stars. I was very dissappointed, I was thinking that with all the exotic ingredients it would be more tasteful. Also, the turmeric took away that warm, nutty colour that you see when you order satay in a restaurant.

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Cristina Barry December 21, 2009

I have made this countless times in the last four years and it always is a standby favorite for family and friends. I usually double the peanut sauce for the amount of chicken and I might suggest marinating the chicken beforehand for a while. Even our kids who are extremely picky eaters request this dish!

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bmolnar December 02, 2009

Wow! I spent a bit of time accumulating ingredients that I don't normally use, but it was well worth it! Neighbors were a big help as they provided the whiskey AND the grill, as well as three additional bodies to help clean up the evidence! This was a new taste experience for all of us, & it was wonderful! Definitely a recipe to do again! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Please Review My Recipe cooking game]

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Sydney Mike March 06, 2008

This was just delicious! With the exception of not including whiskey, I made the recipe as printed. I did allow the chicken to marinate in the sauce for about an hour, and since it was so successful that way, I will continue to do so in future. Also, for leftovers tonight, I will follow another reviewer's suggestion of adding a squeeze of lime, just to try that out, not because I feel it actually needs it. I am going to add this recipe to my "sauces" cookbook too...the peanut sauce is perfect, and will go well with other meals.

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Sweet Baboo February 26, 2008

I made this last night and loved it. My boyfriend wants me to keep it in heavy rotation. I did not have coriander seeds or tumeric and uses cumin powder instead of cumin seeds and it still came out delicious. I also used a little bit more coconut milk instead of condensed milk. I felt like it would be waste to open a can of condensed milk for just a tablespoon.

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natalie.ramos August 29, 2007

Oh, how I wish I had made this for someone besides myself and DD. It was absolutely delicious. I left out the condensed milk because I didn't have any and a previous reviewer had good results without it. I served with lime slices and the addition of lime juice was enjoyed by me but DD preferred it without. Thanks so much for sharing!

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little_wing May 18, 2007

This was one of the most authentic Thai Chicken Satay's I've tasted - with the exception of the missing lime. Coriander does add a "limey" taste, but nothing adds the acidity of lime except lime. So added lime juice both to the sauce and the spice paste. There really is no need for 1 tbsp condensed milk? amidst all that coconut milk so I left it out. I also left out the whiskey, which probably would've been great but I didn't have.

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Black Radish April 02, 2007
Chicken Satay