Chicken Salad With Grapes and Apples

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Total Time
20 mins
0 mins

I put together several recipes that I have seen and it really turned out great. Don't skip the grapes they are imporant to the taste. Time does not include cooking chicken.

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  1. I cooked two boneless chicken breasts in a covered fry pan with about a 1/4 inch of white wine, salt, pepper and a chicken seasoning.
  2. When done I cut them up in small pieces.
  3. You could use leftover Chicken or cook it anyway you like.
  4. Even canned chunk chicken might work.
  5. Just cut everything up and mix it all together.
  6. Just before serving add the Cool Whip and mix.
  7. It should look like mayonnaise.
  8. I used a Granny Smith Apple and Red Seedless Grapes, but any type would do.