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An excellent flavor to this chicken salad - even DH loved it and he doesn't care for any type of sandwich salad. The only thing I would do differently next time, and there will be a next time, is add additional jalapeno - possibly 3 or 4 teaspoons - could not even tell there was any jalapeno in the salad. Instead of making sandwiches I put the salad into large hollowed tomatoes - will be even better when the tomatoes are in season:) There was enough left over for a second lunch or dinner too - a plus. Thank you for posting puppity.

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Gagoo April 04, 2010

Very good! I used this recipe on leftover rotisserie chicken. I made some minor changes. I replaced some of the mayonnaise with greek yogurt and used low fat pepper jack cheese instead of provolone (this was to reduce fat). I put this on kaiser rolls and then broiled in the oven just until the cheese started to brown. Very delicious and I will be making many times!

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packeyes August 03, 2010

I was trying to use up a leftover 1/2 avocado when I came upon this recipe...Given that I am only human and have my own dislikes, I DID omit some ingredients before I came up with something I was fairly certain I would enjoy...I also halved the recipe as I only needed ONE serving...My final version was VERY basic and included the chicken, avocado, onion, lime juice, light mayonnaise and lavash bread...Being that my version was substantially different, I don't think it fair that I rate this recipe YET...But now that I've tried MY abbreviated version, it's given me the confidence to try YOUR version at a later date (albeit without the jalapeno & chesse)...THANK YOU for sharing this recipe! I'll be back to add a rating at a later date!

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Cookin'withGas December 12, 2008

Well, I got to reading all the reviews and I am guessin the pecans and celery were in the directions part but not the ingredients list. LOL. whoops.

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Jenn Da Bean September 24, 2007

This made such a nice and easy lunch. I did serve this in pita bread and slice the avacadoes instead of mashing. I look forward to seeing your revisions to the recipe to see how close my guesses were in assembly. Thank you for your RSC #10 entry! =)

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Susie D August 28, 2007

This was very good and I'm rating it high despite some technical errors in the recipe. First, the only mayo in the ingredients says 'for bread' there is nothing listed for the salad, though it's in the directions. I estimated about 3 tablespoons mayo was a decent amount. There are no pecans in the ingredients, I added 2 tablespoons. No celery in the ingredients either, I added 1 stalk. I would also recommend mixing together the dressing first (mayo, mustard, lemon juice and salt) and the chicken and veggies seperate and then combining the two mixtures. I used kaiser rolls. I really enjoyed this and I thought the provolone complimented the salad perfectly. Thanks!

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SweetySJD August 24, 2007

This would have been 5 stars but for the fact the PECANS WAS missing from the ingredients!!! I added about 1/3 cup toasted and chopped. I did use spinach which was yummy but romaine would give this more crunch. Sliced cheddar cheese is what we enjoyed not provolone. I must say I did guiltily enjoy 1/2 an avocado on mine BUT darn that is a lot of fatty goodness. So didn`t bother with smearing the Whole grain English Muffins with mayo or more mustard. I did use garden grown jalapenos. With tweaking this would be 10 stars! Great JOB!!!!

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Rita~ August 24, 2007

As one reviewer stated, the ingredient list did not include the pecans or celery, nor the mayonnaise for directions in step 2. I don't think there would be a need to spread the mayo in step 4 if already using mayo to bind the chicken salad from step 2.? The chef did give dijon as an option, next time I'll use that. Once past the confusion, the flavor combination was very good! I'll make this recipe again. Thank you. :-) *Made for RSC 10 contest*

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LifeIsGood August 24, 2007

Very yummy sandwich! I had to substitute a little, used Cheddar cheese instead of Provolone cheese and left out the romaine leaves because I didn't have any at home. Only criticism I have was the directions needed a little proof reading because pecans and celery was not on the ingredient list so I didn't add them in the sandwich. Other then this slight thing the sandwich was sensational!!!! Thank you

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Chef floWer August 24, 2007
Chicken Salad and Avocado Sandwich